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T o all of de  C.A.S.Y.M. Band Members . . Administration ..  Supporters an Well Wishers . . ah wasn`t dey buh ah hear some ah U get on bad at de Rama . . y`all din like de results . . Hell I din like dem ider but by now allyuh should overstan de "Judges " at Panorama . . dey always cause Big contreversity . . widdout fail . . tuh me Allyuh win . . buh I am not an Official Judge . . if ah was de decishuns would be different . . Maybe . . It was close . . So congratulate Adlib . . an appologise fuh dat " behaviour "  dat was wrong . . nex time beat up de Judges . . at ah time wen dey tryin harder tuh shut-down we carnival . leh we doe gey dem ammo tuh do dat . . We mus work 2gedder tuh change tings fuh de better . . is nuff tings Want changin . . Prize $ $ .fuh Panorama an Jouvert . . , Arrangin Incentives . . tuh get more dan 1 tune  done fuh de Carnival . .  Private Steelband Ownership . . .as compared tuh Community Owned . . Teachin Management skills tuh de members of de bands . . as well as how tuh read an rite . . Musik . .  look I feel dat de ban dat I played with / for . . Crossfire . . was Robbed 2 . . but dat is de ting we call Panorama . .


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I feel the same way too...but as you say, this is panorama. I feel CASYM put down a performance like their life depended on it. But the judges heard differently. It's the first time I feel so strongly about a panorama result. I'm not saying that only because I am a CASYM fun. I'm saying that based on what I heard and saw panorama night at the museum. We are all winners. I feel the standard was elavated this year as all bands played really well. But only one band could win. I'm looking firward to better judging next year, but i'm not betting on it.


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