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  • I think you may have just made a case for accepting, recognizing and elevating potential (no pun intended) to the same status as successful. I believe that the decision to categorize steelbands in the first place was purely political in nature, designed to increase the voter base of those who implemented it, and to appease a wider cross section of the fraternity, effectively increasing the popularity of the authors of categorization. It's like suggesting that the top SEA students be awarded open scholarships without satisfying the requirements for acceptance at tertiary level. There are no shortcuts to fame. I believe the large bands are large bands because of their ability to maintain a standard that all bands aspire to achieve. Sponsored bands are sponsored because of their ability to attract sponsorship. Which steel band does not dream of progressively rising through the ranks like Skiffle, Silver Stars, or Supernovas, classical examples of  what i choose to describe as astute management and planning which took their organizations from one tier to the next. This is why I believe that to be inducted into the steelband hall of fame there are certain characteristics that you must possess and display as evidenced by the direction in which the aforementioned band leaders took their respective organizations. Don't you believe that there are more first class cricket teams than test cricket teams in cricketing nations? Should all first class cricket teams be granted an automatic berth at the world cup of cricket, because they may have achieved such status in their respective categories? Maybe not a good analogy, but an appropriate comparison. What do you think?

  • Congrats Leaders. I would really love to see All Stars accomplish the goal of being the second band ever to win three consecutive years straight, THEY DESERVE IT   !

  • Way to go Pan Times! Looking forward to seeing the respective heads on the red carpet receiving their prestigous award of honor.

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