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National Panorama 2014 Single Pan Preliminaries Results

Three (3) bands tied for the top position in the National Single Pan Preliminaries as the results of the competition were released by Pan Trinbago.

 Fyzabad 4th Dimension, La Creole Pan Groove and T&T Fire Services each received a score of 270 points for their arrangement of “Jump on the Count of Four”, “Carnival Tabanca’ and “Rainorama” respectively.

 Thirty two (32) bands along with those of the Small Bands will proceed to the next stage of the competition at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Saturday 15th February, from 12 noon.

 The score sheets were opened and tabulated before bands’ representatives at City Hall, Knox Street, yesterday Monday.

 Defending champions, San Juan East Side Symphony, came in ninth with 256 points. They played the Austin Lyons’ composition “Fantastic Friday” arranged by Duvone Stewart.

 Belmont Hi Larks with a score of 235 made the cut in position 32.

 The Single Pan Preliminaries were held in each of the four (4) regions from Thursday January 30th to Sunday February 01st.

 Giselle Alexander,Rojelle Granger, Kenrick Noel and Hugh Borde served as adjudicators.

 Results below:

Pos - BandName Selection Arranger Points
1 Fyzabad 4th. Dimension Jump (On D Count Of 4) Richard Gittens 270.00
1 La Creole Pan Groove Carnival Tabanca Yohan Popwell 270.00
1 T & T Fire Service Rainorama Terrence 'BJ' Marcelle 270.00
4 Hope Pan Groovers Both Ah Dem Tony 'Pan Jumbie' Williams 267.00
5 Scrunters Pan Groove Breakaway Aaron Clarke 263.00
5 Pan Jammers This Melody Sweet Nicholas Singh 263.00
5 Carib Woodbrook Playboyz Spankin Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe 260.00
7 Shades In Steel Ah Going And Party Tonight Kenneth Guppy 259.00
8 San Juan East Side Symphony Fantastic Friday Duvonne Stewart 256.00
9 Gonzales Sheikers Free Up Darren Sheppard 254.00
10 Nu Pioneers Pan Groove Sweet & Sexy Sean & Simon Marcano 254.00
10 City Sun Valley Pan Groove Shakin It Dane Gulston 254.00
10 Nostrand Symphony Excitement Leon 'Smooth' Edwards 253.00
13 Uni Stars Woman Is Boss Kareem Brown 253.00
13 Brimblers Ah Want It Earl Brooks 252.00
15 Trinidad Nostalgic Jericho Amrit Samaroo 251.00
16 D' Original Woodbrook Modernaires Sing In She Party Arddin Herbert 251.00
16 Metro Stars Gold Steve Jack 251.00
16 Scorpion Pan Reflections Fire Coming Down Akiba Joseph 250.00
19 Curepe Polyphonics Bacchanal Time Kenneth 'Panam' Clarke 248.00
20 Pan Elites Spankin Anselm Campbell 246.00
21 St. James Tripolians Doh Try Dat Darryl Reid 245.00
22 Trinidad East Side Symphony Poom Poom Carlon Harewood 243.00
23 Stardust Steel Orchestra Pan Redemption Jason "Peanuts" Isaac & Simeon Superville 243.00
23 Sea Lots One Love 67 Ian "Brimmer" Baird 241.00
25 Self Help Marines Spankin Godwin Bowen 241.00
25 New Vision This Melody Sweet Ryan John 240.00
27 Highlighters Spankin Jason Farrell 240.00
27 Magic Notes Rebirth Bacchanal Time Rishi Depoosingh / Jerome Jones 239.00
29 New Age Trendsetters Fire Down Below G. Sobers, Jr. / M. Phillip / K. Sobers 239.00
29 Chord Masters This Party Is It Akua Leith 236.00
31 Belmont Hi Larks Spankin Brian 'Bean' Griffith 235.00
32 Pan Fanatics Poom Poom Gerard Balfour 233.00
33 East Phonics Du Du Yemi (Natasha) Floyd Cameron 233.00
33 Star Sapphire I Music Andre Boldon 233.00
33 United Sounds Display Michael Prudhomme 232.00
36 Harlem Syncopators Breakaway Cecil 'Jammo' James 232.00
36 La Famille United Ah Wine Is A Wine Ronnie Ross 232.00
39 All Aces Mind Yuh Business Nigel Diaz 231.00
40 San Juan All Stars Bahia Girl Jerrod Lett 230.00
40 Pan On The Move Madness Kyle Boldon 230.00
40 Marsicans Free Up Marlon White 230.00
43 Pan Revival Ah Feeling To Rock Sean Ramsey 228.00
44 Rio Claro Koskeros Spankin Kenny Pascal 227.00
45 Ice Water Pan Ensemble Carnival Tabanca Eric McAllister 226.00
47 Brazil Rx4 Shakin It Andre Monroe 226.00
47 Blanca 47 Iwer Butterfly Shadow Wave Michael Glasgow 224.00
47 Jah Roots The Road Make To Walk The Band 224.00
49 Spree Simon Harmonics Nah Do Dat Colin Franklin 223.00
49 Cocorite Road Pan Groovers Spankin Sheldon Peters 223.00
51 World Wide Steel Pan In Rookcon-Kertungcung Derek Boucaud 222.00
52 La Romaine Super Vibes La La Garvin Williams 221.00
53 Arima All Stars Dingolay Gillian Tobias 220.00
53 Pan Stereonetts Spankin Mark Hosten 220.00
55 North Eastern All Stars Rebecca Melvin 'Craig' Thomas 218.00
56 Music Makers Men Of Steel Kenneth Charles 217.00
57 Nuttin Big Pan Groove Happy Hanif Goodridge 214.00
58 D Untouchables Pan Groove Rebecca Michael Jaggernauth 211.00
59 Nayal Hill School Of Music Spankin Nathaniel Flemming 210.00
60 St. Thomas Silver Stars Spankin Ancil John 209.00
61 Free Lancers Pan Groove Black Man Feeling To Party Trevor Redhead / John Souris 208.00
62 Sound Of Music Pan Obsession Bertram Brewster 200.00
63 Belmont City Kids Dr. Wine Roderick Toussaint 140.00


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Comment by Daniel L on February 7, 2014 at 7:18pm

Noticed I wrote Dane and Tele. Allision you are correct Leon did NOT arrange for Nostrand it was Tele

Comment by Allison on February 7, 2014 at 6:14am
Clive Telemaque arranged for Nostrand Symphony and not Leon "smooth" Edwards.
Comment by Allison on February 7, 2014 at 6:12am
I sm 100% certain that Leon "Smooth" Edwards did not arrange Excitement for Nostrand Symphomy. It was Mr. Clive Telemaque.
Comment by Daniel L on February 6, 2014 at 8:11pm

Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Dane and Tele two All Stars Family memebers tied for tenth place with their arrangements for their bands AWESOME work guys !! 

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