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  • Nice tune for the pan .....

  • nice for the Pan/ always great to hear Denyse!

  • Yep...excellent work from the team - Alvin, Edwin and singer, Denise. I am from Renegades so nuf said I imagine.

    :)   "Who ent dead go be badly wounded..."

    All the best, though, to all competitors of this auspicious panorama -- 50th anniversary...golden jubilee. Do you feel it? All panyards should be decorated with flags, buntins, of 50th Anniversary of Panorama. What do you think? It's a celebration.

  • full of joie de vivre...typical Edwin Pouchet.....expect a great performance from the stars with this....trouble in de land...the song say so.....excellent pan song....nice structure.

  • Great tune..dis cud be a winner fuh Renegades...cyah wait tuh hear the mid range

  • Again I say great! Can't wait to hear both Silver Stars and Renegades wrap it up!   Like the sound of Kitch in it!!

  • Good job Alvin & Edwin. Great pan tune. Expect great results.

  • Someone wrote that it sounds too similar to the songs of the last two years......Whether that is so or is melodious, with a melody that is simple and catchy giving a lot of room for arrangement....that's why Renegades will also be playing this tune for Panorama 2013....I believe this year, though short....will be a success musically

  • Lovely melody and liked alot but sounds too similar to Silver Stars last 2 years selections.

  • Lovel

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