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  • Congrats to Renegades, Pan Elders and Defence Force.

    Duvone's triple has been achieved

  • @Wopan so true. I was a little girl but remember All Stars always using those special effects.

  • I did not see a number to vote for Exodus for the people’s choice why 

  • The influence of Trinidad All Stars is apparent in all of the bands as they attempt to imitate All Star's brilliant use of special effects as part of their performance.  It is amazing to see our culture evolve so spectacularly.  

  • Good night everyone!!!  ALL STARS!!! ALL STARS!!! ALL STARS!!!!!!  

    Absolutely amazing performance!!! 

  • Well All Stars has done many are pulling out the big guns. 

  • Silver Stars did well.

  • Renegades Steel Orchestra this 2019, will break even with Desperadoes Steel Orchestra tonight, by winning their 11th Panorama competition!

  • Simple, this is Panorama 2019, is not Desperadoes Steel Orchestra's winning year! 

  • Many thanks for the live feed  Bless up 

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