Tunes for Panorama 2018 - in the WST Panorama Enclave


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  • I have been falling in love with the song "TROUBLE"By the inspiring and prolific Vanessa Headley "WOW!!!!! I'm totally awed!! This song has so many departments to it and as you listen,the different flavours seduces you, firstly you are enticed by a rhythm that is constantly changing under a flowing melody that weaves it's way into your heart  and strong hook that takes no prisoners. The lyrics matter of fact, haunting. By the end of the song, you realise, you've just experienced a total dismantling of bands in the panorama, a stick fighting episode, they  coming! Laying siege to the stage.  All'yuh  "move out de way cause dem doh play.". AH WHOA!!!!!!!!! Sister continue to write your great cultural stories, only geniuses write like that, don't look left or right, keep your eyes on de prize, don't look back, focus only forwards and  upwards. 

  • WOW! More Light, songs like this make you want to wine on the ceiling, this is a serious composition. Nice one Tello! Love how the horn is sitting in the track and the colouration of the tenor, makes the chorus is mind blowing.

  • We Cannot Take That is a nice tune. WHY NO PAN IN IT?

  • Pan Break!

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