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CSI "Pan in de Panyard" Panorama 2011

CSI rehearsing "Pan in de Panyard" on the drag in Notting Hill Gate. Written & arranged by Brent Holder. Panorama 2011

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Comment by terry on April 15, 2012 at 6:43am

I'm not a pan player, just an avid lover of pan music and as a listener I do agree with you and Glen that in most videos of steelband performances the bass is quite weak. Causes???

Comment by jerome ebenezer clarke on August 31, 2011 at 11:33am
As an old steelpan player,this is my observation all long,,for most of the bands ,,,,the bass section,,,,,is very weak,,,the only time it,s clearly heard is whenever thereis a break for a solo  and ,possibly a deviation,,,i once read a comment by Mr Glen Joseph reevant to this ,whereby it,s a fact,,in listening to the videos,, what,s heard mostly is the rythm and tenor section,,there need to be a balance in such,,my old saying is,,, that to dance you mus follow the bass  which is at it,s minimal on most videos that i,ve so far heard,,even though this can be to the recording quality of same even though i have doubts,,i,m totally subject to corrections,,but for the benefit of the doubt one should listen keenly,,for this part i,m speaking as a steelpan tuner, trainer and arranger,,,one must be having very keen ears to detect same,,,once more i,m subject to corrections.

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