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Remembering Desperadoes classic perforance of "The Jammer" arr. by Clive Bradley

Modern panorama music is all glitz, speedy runs ,great panmanship and complex arrangements.

But they are like fast food ; filling at the moment , but lacking the satisfaction you get from a good home cooked meal.

A classic panorama performance , on the other hand is like a good , home cooked Trini meal. It "sticks to your ribs" as the saying goes, and the enjoyment remains even after the meal has been digested.

Similarly , these classic arrangements remain stuck in the memory forever, unlike today's "fast food" arrangements , which are quickly forgotten.

This Desperadoes performance is one such classic.

Panorama Final night in 1984 was a night of a number of memorable steelband performances, and WITCO Desperadoes placed fourth with this arrangement of Winsford Devine's composition "The Jammer" as performed by calypsonian Baron.

This performance by Desperadoes Steel Orchestra is a classic Clive Bradley arrangement that brings out the true Desperadoes sound and musical attitude.

I thought that Bradley deliberately chose a tempo and rhythm with this arrangement to convey the impression of a musical jam, which may or may not have gotten across to the judges, but all in all I think it was an outstanding performance , in spite of the fact that I've heard that Despers encountered some problems on stage.

You may also at time 6:23 catch a glimpse of the band's legendary former leader , the late Rudolph Charles.

From Panorama Finals Night 1984 , live from the Queens Park Savannah in Trinidad , here is WITCO Desperadoes Steel Orchestra and Clive Bradley's arrangement of "The Jammer"

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