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Lord Blakie (Carlton Joseph) - Thanks To the Police.

In the mid 1960s, gang violence in Port of Spain Trinidad had become a serious problem.
There were violent street gangs like the Lawbreakers and Applejackers, and steelbands still settled their differences with violent confrontations on Carnival day.
Bands like Desperadoes and San Juan All Stars, though popular Carnival steel bands , were just as well known for their propensity for street violence.

Law enforcement reaction was swift, powerful and effective. Police clamped down on gang members and leaders, with several of them receiving severe prison sentences.
This resulted in a dramatic reduction of the violence.
Unlike today, where the violence is primarily fueled by drug trafficking and money, that violence was more about typical gang beefs over turf, reputatons, women and the like, and not as much about loot.

The change was so dramatic after the police crackdown that Lord Blakie, a known streetwise "badjohn" himself, sang praises to the police , since as he put it, "all dem badjohns hang up dey guns, now dey living sweet,
dey get to fraid de big red building dey have on St Vincent Street"

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