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President Obama delivers remarks and answers questions at a town hall with Young Leaders of the Americas at University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaic...

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Comment by Wayne Cezair on April 16, 2015 at 4:46pm

Unless everybody understands that American foreign policy (and indeed any other country) is all about money, then global relations will never be understood. American interests is measured in dollars.

Warring in the middle east is about oil and other resources (minerals and water) but ultimately it's about money. Oil means nothing unless it can be converted into money.

Those in charge, really in charge (not Obama) see oil and other resources as money or as a way to attain more wealth. None of them use oil for anything else.

America's problem with Russia is that they see Russia as encroaching on their 'allies' in the EU. Similarly China's influence in the South China Seas is also a problem as well as in Africa and other traditional US partners.

The artificially low price of oil engineered by the US with the assistance of Saudi Arabia is a way to cripple Russia primarily but also works to keep the pressure on their other two nemeses, Iran and Venezuela.

They cannot overtly impose sanctions on Russia because Russia supplies all the oil and especially gas to the EU, so the depressed price of oil is a way to cripple Russia without imposing sanctions. It's unsanctioned sanctions.

Meantime the US has stockpiled billions of gallons of oil at the low prices and is feverishly building more storage for as much as they can buy up and the Saudis keep pumping it to them.

Now their intent is to try to replace Venezuela as the supplier of oil and gas to the Caribbean by trying to get the Caribbean nations to dump PetroCaribe. Of course that will also bypass Trinidad but we small island governments do not see the writing on the wall. They too busy emptying out the cupboard.

Everybody wants to know how long the low oil prices will last. Until Russia bends.

But Putin will not bend over. He will ask the Russian people to tighten their belts and they will do so till they can't stand it anymore but that will not be tomorrow.

By that time Iran and Venezuela will have gone through or a US backed popular uprising will have toppled their governments and the US will have had their way.

Unfortunately a lot of small nations (read Caribbean) will have failed as well.

Comment by Riff Jammz on April 12, 2015 at 12:20pm


An example of what I am speaking of is this. Recently in T&T the businessmen cried out that they could not get US $ to run their businesses. Although the Central Bank has billions of US $ available.A local banker explained why this occurs. He said to the Minister of Finance that most of these businessmen have US$ in the banking system, but they have it in the form of their private name and private bank accounts. They won't use it but they prefer to borrow the GDP's US $ earned. This is called hording. It is hording that is damaging the financial system. So that if these same businessmen bank in offshore countries and also the US, there will be no need to borrow the GDPs income from oil money. Rather by their ability to have many bank accounts across the globe, their foreign exchange needs goes down per country. So the Offshore banking system is a powerful source of good economics. Instead the US has labelled them as concealing the "black money", "blood money", "evil money" from the drug cartels. But the US happens to be the place where the drugs are sold mostly. It really cannot be prevented. It will go on and on. Most drugs like tobacco and alcohol started as illegal. The world will have to do some sort of licensing of both marijuana and cocaine cartels. Now those billions of dollars which are now called "black" can now come back into the "white" system who themselves were black dollars is the past. Its a revolving good and evil system. But the offshore banks and companies are not the problem, rather they offer a solution.

Comment by Riff Jammz on April 12, 2015 at 11:55am


Always remember that the world is run by the universe or God. Not by man. Man thinks he runs the world. Just like a child thinks his toys were made by him ans sometimes tries ti fix them after he destroys them. Good will reign over evil in any of its forms. Democracy can be evil as well. so the universe will decide who will win that war. I say none of them will survive. There will be a start over of man's life on earth and that is good.


I know the discussions was mostly about US Patents which is under some strain and revamping at present. The same Obama had commented on this on a link I had also posted.  The real problem is that US laws have become too tight. Notice in all Obama's points and questions, there was an underlying admittance that US laws could be very oppressing at times and needs to lighten where they can so as to attract more young generation business persons from across the globe. My discussion on the E-pan forum was about just that. That the US laws on the whole, even businessmen born there are running away from. They are operating  part of their businesses in offshore countries in terms of offshore Patents, Offshore companies registration, Offshore banking. And that is good for the smaller countries like the Caribbean islands. The illegal trades of drugs and other evil business practices cannot really be eradicated entirely by any government. Evil is part of the system in the material kingdom of God, to which were are now sentenced. We will have to live with it. This does not mean good business  men do not exist. Both types of business men take advantage of offshore shelters of Patents laws, International company registration, international banking. The US needs itself to become accommodating to non US citizens in terms of banking and International business registration. The taxes for these types of businesses that are run by non US citizens should be fr cheaper than the citizens. Then US would once again be in a good financial position. Because lots of non US citizens will now start  IBCs (International Business Corporations in the US and also bank in the US.  IBCs cannot actually practice in the country of registration. They are allowed to practice any where other than where they register and bank their money. The 21st century now requires this type of financial freedom. But certain governments and especially the US  government wants to control too much. That is the problem. Obama has realized this but cannot change these overnight in two terms. the government may go back to the Republicans who are mostly white supremacists in philosophy and wish to control the Federal Reserve U$ $ as the world's best currency but they do not understand that there is more US$ outside of US than is in the US.  So re-read my posts in the E-pan conversation with these in mind and then you will not be blurred. It is the US that has to change to the world order of things now. China knows it, Japan knows it. The offshore jurisdictions like Singapore, Belize Turks and Caicos, Grenada, St Vincent and a whole host o others know it except T&T who thinks because they have oil they don't have to go that way. The US cannot really stop offshore business and the use of the US$ offshore. Otherwise their economy will sink. What they have to do is also to become open to international businessmen and allow them to come to the US and register a company in any State, not just in Delaware and open a US bank account. Those businesses can then spend money in the US more. The Internet businesses does this naturally but they prefer to bank outside of the US for tax purposes and too much restrictions by the IRA. yet the drug traders are selling and moving funds easily across the Globe with ease.  I agree with you humanitarian concept of helping the poor etc. So one can make billions but must plow back money to help the poor. 

Comment by odw on April 12, 2015 at 8:15am


Your comment in the discussion about the E-Pan gone missing http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/e-pan-on-loan-goes-miss... and what Obama's response to the young lady's question from the Turks & Caicos is a bit blurred, this is about off-shore banking.

In Obama's first campaign for president he spoke of targeting US companies using off-shore banks like Belize and others for tax-evasion. He describes how they try go get around it by using a P.O. Box address in those islands as a headquarters to justify why they are not legally obligated to pay their fair share in taxes. We are talking billions of dollars in revenue, that can fund a lot of programs for the poor and disadvantage.

Comment by Riff Jammz on April 11, 2015 at 10:06pm


Understood. But Obama is using what his wealth is-Charm - charisma. President Castro is not as hard as Fidel. The president understands is not like the Democracy=Communism days of yester-years. the real threat is no longer socialism or communism. The real threat  is radical Islamic terrorist. Russia is no treat to the US. Germany will settle them if they try something. Germany is no longer their allies. Venezuela is no treat at all. The people will topple the government there and the US will help the people. Otherwise Venezuela is a very beautiful place with peace loving people.

Comment by yvette johnson on April 11, 2015 at 5:00pm

On to Cuba to drop embargo and normalize relations.   This will take some economic and political pressure off of the tiny islands. 

Comment by Cecil hinkson on April 11, 2015 at 3:32pm

I've always admire Obama ability to make everyone feel he just a person doing a job." Wah gowan people"

Comment by Riff Jammz on April 11, 2015 at 2:35pm

odw, I have been hinting that in another forum we discussed recently. Offshore doesn't necessarily mean scam. Its misuse by large capitalists who are citizens of the US is where the problem lies. Many ffshore banks are now turning away from banking US citizens funds. 

Comment by odw on April 11, 2015 at 12:47pm

Also liked the response to the young woman for Turks & Caicos on the issue of off-shore banking, not many people understand the reasoning behind US policy. US Corporations evading paying taxes and money laundering.

Comment by Glenroy R Joseph on April 11, 2015 at 11:56am

Very interesting speech and Q&A

. Thanks for posting, ODW.

I especially apprecieted the young man's question about China's exercise of soft power in the Caribbean.

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