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Steelband Music in Trinidad and Tobago: The Creation of a People's Music

Steelband Music in Trinidad and Tobago: the Creation of a People's Music is a 32-minute educational DVD produced and narrated by William R. Aho, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology Emeritus, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI, USA.
Based on interviews with several pioneering Trinidadian men and women active in the creation and production of the instrument and the music over the years, this program provides detailed information about the creation of the steeldrum, and the social history of the struggle for its acceptance at home and its spread throughout the world. click for more info and paper http://www.panonthenet.com/history/aho/

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Comment by paddy corea on March 14, 2013 at 9:26am

I hate to disagree with this Professor but SPREE SIMON didnt invent anything.  The Ping POng was already invented and being played in Woodbrook in 1939 when Spree Simon was still in San Fernando. He came to Port of Spain and JOINED  yes joined  an existing steelband  Destination Tokyo in Jon Jon.  Ellie Mannette had already created the ping pong and graduated to the concave sunk 55 gallon drum. Thats the real story.

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