“Synesthesia Suite” - Works for Steel Pan

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Billed as “Synesthesia Suite” - Works for Steel Pan with jazz combo and chamber orchestra - Andy Akiho successfully delivered a collection of music that redefined the accepted norm and conventional thinking of not only music for the steelpan instrument, but more importantly the context in which the instrument is viewed and used. By incorporating a series of techniques Andy was able to coax tones and responses from the instrument that lead, complimented or supported the accompanying performers as desired. click for more https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/video/akiho-synesthesia-suite click for full story http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2009/may/Akiho-show-5-2-09.htm

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  • X-pan-ding the scope of pan...
  • A case in point again! No holds barred! And good show is ready..........
  • Great idea but lower percussion (set, bass drum etc) completely cover all the string, woodwinds and brass and even the pan. But perhaps that's what was intended.  A composition less bombastic would allow greater variation in sound levels and ensemble presence. By all means continue to experiment.
  • good good i like it
  • very good, impressed!
  • This was realy good thanks for the music great job
  • Beautifull music I must say, fresh for the ear, nice again.
  • Within the next ten years if not before, the steel drum would be considered a conventional instrument.
  • Wonderful music. Hope to hear a lot more from Andy Akiho. Steel Pan, nothing can compare.
  • Well done ! this is a wonderful piece of music, reminds me of liam, mia and foster keep up the good word and reaching for the sky
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