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How can we do this? especially in the Mecca. Lets hear from the members that are accustom to reading what's going on in the Forum and remaining silent, this is important we, need comments from everybody.

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Cecil remember the days the Samaroo Jets played all kinds of music, why can't these front-line players do the same with the modern tunes today? So many nice songs today. I mention since they are the best seen on TV by all.  Is only protesting day and night. A good idea for men like Dane Gulston and others like him, try advancing from the panorama show, to be the top arranger, as a goal. This should be the mindset for the very skilled pan-men and pan-women to move on to better things. I don't believe money is needed for their advancement,

The majority will not make it, but it's a start.

Take  good look at All Stars. It is a steel orchestra and a mega Corporation.

Bukka Rennie, I always use All Stars as an example to all those who say "dem days done" their answer is "Yuh cyah use dem" how stupid. The truth is bands are contented to play for whatever they get from panorama and not interested in making things happen on their own.

Yep...Bukka, you know it!

By the way, for those who don't know.

BUKKA RENNIE is one of the most PASSIONATE PAN LOVERS in the history of PAN!!!

You all should check out some of his writings!!!

Claude if All Stars is a mega Corporation, how come they can't help Blue Diamonds or let's say Harmonites get back to their glory days? They should have a business template to advise and encourage other steelbands to do the same. You self Claude, you respond with good reason, don't make me believe you decide to crouch, tremble and sweat as Bukka Rennie post.

Patrick: Bukka Rennie and I live on completely different ends of the TRINIDAD POLITICAL SPECTRUM. But he is a HARD CORE PAN LOVER and I noted that.

Good CALL OUT from you. However, you will notice that I did not respond to the CONTENT of the post.

And why do you think it's their their responsibility to "help other band back to their glory days"? Do you know if these band ever asked for any assistance...which brings us back to the original post about bands doing more for themselves and not waiting for handouts to return to their "glory days" Bottom line, bands need to see themselves for more than a panyard to hangout till panorama...will stop here for now.

The only thing Big Bands want to help Small Bands with is their demise....by wooing away their players...

That is NOT a fair statement, matter of fact, some players use certain "big bands" as their training ground and then move on to other bands they like or are more popular.

Sticks today all hands are needed on deck, especially where panorama is concerned. Diaz still in power, selfishness cannot be the order of the day. I believe you got it all wrong. Hanging out in a panyard is one of the greatest resourcefulness trinis ever created. In the business world its basically called networking. Sticks you may not believe this, but many people found overseas jobs, wives, husbands, business deals etc just by hanging out in a panyard, in addition to learning music and having a great time.

Yuh hitting hard, Patrick!!!


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