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How can we do this? especially in the Mecca. Lets hear from the members that are accustom to reading what's going on in the Forum and remaining silent, this is important we, need comments from everybody.

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You're preaching to the choir here Patrick...I know alllll that and some. The question here is, why are some bands capable of all that you mentioned above and some seem to not be able to accomplish even 1/3 of it...there's no silver bullet to solve it all but, there are some things that hampers growth, eg. some/many players don't see themselves as part of the bands/organizations they run every year "tuh take ah knock"or make a quick hustle from the panorama $ they get from playing in different bands so, there is no vested interest in any of these bands they 'hustle' with and having a personal investment is the cornerstone for the building of any business or organization. Then there is management which is the key to everything, because the panyard is all that you mentioned and even a place of refuge or home for many of us where management often takes on an extra role of parenting, and any good parent would set goals and try their best to plan a good future for their kids and if the management is not up to the task or keep sleeping on their watch, this type of discussion will go on till kingdom come. 

T.Sticks, your point about players not having a vested interest in a particular band is spot-on and so is your comment about management, the problem is steelbands have nothing to offer the players, after panorama what is there?

Why I keep stressing the importance of coming on the road is for this reason, it gives the impression of working to produce the band for carnival. Not having  strong supporter  involvement is also crucial, the steelband has to be an organization involving everybody. 

ComPanions  is doing good work.       

I suspect a certain amount of jealousy toward All Stars success, and it's only false pride that is stopping  other bands from seeking help from them, no other band involve the use supporters like them, so the first lesson for other bands is, involve your supporters. Then bands has to learn to work with each other, it is essential that they form a united front not only to deal with each other but to deal with the governing body.   

What wrong with you today Cecil...yuh doh know about swapping and crews and sharing rythm section and all dat...bands already working together....

merrytones do you all have regular meetings? just askin.

Committee has met almost every other week since Carnival...since we see each other at practice we sometimes meet as required...

Exactly...people only see others success but, they never see what it took to be successful and in most casses don't want to do what it takes to be successful and when bands only see winning panorama as being successful, then they are doomed to be like a caged hamster running on the wheel but going nowhere. 

We need strong/quality LEADERSHIP in the Steelband Movement, the question remains WHAT is being done to find solutions to the problems steelbands continue to face in the Mecca...Panyards as economic centers in their community???

Pan Trinbago maintains close contacts with the Ministry of Community Development Culture and Women’s Affairs. Designated officers of the Association meet with Ministry officials once a week to discuss matters concerning the Steelband Movement. Some of the far ranging issues which may arise are:

Security of pan yard tenure.
Assistance to un-sponsored bands.
Assistance for National Festivals and Show organized by Pan Trinbago.

Foreign tours, etc. http://www.ncctt.org/new/index.php/interest-groups/pan-trinbago.html

What's the status on this Draft project???

The matter for consideration of Cabinet is the Regularization of Land Tenure of Panyards
in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Steelbands emerged in Trinidad and Tobago during the period immediately after World
War II (1939-1945). Since then this indigenous form of orchestra has made its way to territories
outside of Trinidad and Tobago, including North America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Steelbands
can also be found in almost all Caribbean countries. In Trinidad and Tobago, there are two
hundred and thirty-four (234) Steelbands registered with Pan Trinbago, the representative
organisation for Steelbands. The majority of these bands have no tenure for the property they
occupy. One hundred and seventy-five (175) steelbands participated in Panorama 2014. A rough
estimate of the number of steelbands that function throughout the year is about Sixty (60). In
other words, almost 75% of registered steelbands participate in Panorama while about 25%
function year-round. Steelbands are community-based institutions that service part of the artistic
needs of the people in a given community. These needs cannot be described as seasonal. It points
to a situation where steelbands are finding it more difficult to function year-round. The band’s
relationship to the land that they occupy has a large part to play in the band’s ability to fulfil its
year-round responsibility to the community.



The one thing that people on this forum do not do very is to ACCEPT WHAT THEY SEE IN FRONT OF THIER EYES when it comes to PAN. (Or even crime in Trinidad for that matter!)

STEELBANDS are a subsidized PRODUCT in Trinidad and Tobago. There in nothing BUSINESS about STEELBANDS in Trinidad -- it is a GOVERNMENT and CORPORATE GOODWILL welfare recipient.

So to waste time trying to put STEELBANDS in any kind of a BUSINESS CONTEXT is like DONALD TRUMP signing EXECUTIVE ORDERS and MEMORANDA and promoting that as POLICY -- ALL HAT and NO CATTLE!!!

LLOYD BEST dead and leave ah PIECE AH PAPER and people still READING THE PIECE AH PAPER from TIME TO TIME and quoting it and getting DIZZY.

But WHERE IS THE BEEF? KEITH DIAZ eating all and PAN MEN and STEELBANDS still scrunting.


Steelband business is bring the band on the road, like All Stars do, that's what they were created for in the first place, every Tom, Dick, Harry and he Brother making a dollar from carnival, why can't they?

They have to accept the fact Panorama alone will not cut it and the next best thing is coming on the road,  this will also motivate them to do other things.   

To answer the question , one must decide whether to view the steelband as a business , or as art and culture.

In business , profit simply means financial gain, whereas the benefits of art and culture are much more difficult to quantify , since it involves much more than money.

For example , I think that a successful steelband makes a substantial contribution to a community , especially to its youth . and that to me is a worthwhile investment.

But , how do you put a price tag on that.?

I personally think that all the government funding that goes to Pan Trinbago (some of which is distributed to steelbands via the panorama ), whether or that funding is mismanaged, is simply the government's way of funding the steelband as art , much like government funding and endowments go towards funding symphony orchestras etc. in Europe and the US.

Of course that does not preclude such organizations from finding and creating alternative ways generating income , which most steelbands seem unwilling to do.


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