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1st, 2ndand 3rdplaced bands will be paid; no money for Pan Trinbago until Photo and his crew are gone; Special Convention on Thursday 17th.

1st, 2ndand 3rdplaced bands will be paid; no money for Pan Trinbago until Photo and his crew are gone; Special Convention on Thursday 17th.


By Aquil Arrindell


1st, 2ndand 3rdplaced bands will be paid next week. According to my investigations, this is fake news. What was good about the post on FB was that it revealed the people who are pretenders.  It showed who are concerned about the wellbeing of all bands and who are concerned about their own self interests.


Based on my information, prize money and remittances for pan players has been at NCC’s head office for quite some time now. The problem is that PT needs 17 million to pay everybody and there is only 9 million left. How did we end up in this predicament? In 2016, Pan Trinbago ran out of money mid year, due to an unsuccessful greens event, which was taken away from Bryan Serrette and given to the financial advisor and D Shepherd to organize. Pan Trinbago began borrowing money from NCC to pay their executive, staff, rent, electricity, etc. Then in 2017, they bit the hand that fed them. Under Photo’s leadership, after they agreed to pay back their debts from PT’s panorama 2017 gate receipts, NCC took gate receipts, 3million dollars.  PT broke the agreement, took NCC to court and won.


It is alleged, that NCC made a further agreement to give them the 3 million dollars symbolically, however PT would return it, because PT’s debt to NCC was more than 3 million. It is reported, that PT again broke that agreement, took the money and paid themselves. So as a consequence, NCC took back all what was owed from the 2018 panorama allocation. NCC are now not willing to make any more deals with this executive. So much so, that last Friday, after the judge temporarily reinstalled PT’s executive, (only until the court matter is finished), Monday morning, Photo and the crew made approaches to meet with the NCC and they was refused. “No meeting would be entertained unless Mr. Diaz is with the executive”. They refused to recognize Mr. Diaz as President. Because of this, I was told that the mas (NCBA) and calypso (TUCO) would be paid this weekend and nothing for pan. The CIP warned members of this Backlash in the previous article. https://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/c-i-p-says-any-pan-per...


It was also reported that the NCC did meet with the Caretaker Committee and an agreement was made which would have been presented to the membership for approval at their first meeting. Now that the court has frozen the power of the Caretaker Committee, everything is again on hold. Based on my analysis, if photo and his gang really wanted bands to get paid, they would withdraw their case against the membership. The same membership they are supposed to be serving.


Thursday May 17thwould be the 28th day after the Extraordinary General Meeting. At that meeting, the membership decided that they wanted a Special Convention to bring forth an early election. After last week Friday’s judgement, Mr. Diaz was reinstated as president. His first act on Monday was to carry out the wishes of the membership. He summoned a meeting (the Special Convention) on the same date the membership agreed on.  He instructed Mr. photo in writing to send out notices and after 48hrs, Mr photo did not comply with the president’s orders. The president then, without choice, sent them out himself.


On Thursday 17thof May, the power would be once again in your hands. A large number of delegates would be there to change the constitution. Do not be left out, and then complain about the membership’s decision after the fact. Come to the meeting, disagree if you must and voice your opinions. If you don’t come, the only person to blame for the membership’s decisions is you. Pan Trinbago belongs to us and not Photo and his crew. Let them come and face the entire membership. They have not done so yet for 2018.   


Document of the Concerned Individuals for Pan



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Mr. Claude you should know me by now. 


I don't know it any other way......

CIP says, is only love in the house.

 THE CIP start boasting again. More FALSE HOPE!!! FORTEAU sure to SHUT DOWN THE CIP!!!

I hope that unlike calypso, which Brother Valentino reminded us,

"touring the world went, but ended up right back in de frigging tent."

"steelbands and panmen, after all this brouhaha, don't end up penniless, right back in de savannah."

  • The CIP is now firmly behind the president.
  • The president is now relying on the CIP to prop him up in office.
  • The CIP is now promoting the former VP, and The Greens, as an example of transparency and accountability.
  • The former VP may now be in bed with the secretary.
  • The CIP is now in bed with the president.
  • The CIP is now publicly expressing its discomfort with the outcome of any meeting that excludes the president.
  • On national TV, the CIP sanitized the president as transparent, although previously accusing him of gross misappropriation.
  • The CIP continues to unlawfully refer to an illegal caretaker committee outlawed by a court of law, as an alternative to the central executive. The same central executive this illegal caretaker committee fired, that was reinstated by a court of law, led by a president whose resignation they demanded and accepted.

Are the principals, and primary advocates of the CIP subtly though aggressively in pursuit of the economic advantages that fellatio promises?

Probably a wise old sage like Mr. Gonzales can explain to this forum, why the author (although questionable) of this discussion, chooses, "Ah Ole Talk Forum" that he goes on to explain, no one who matters follows, to share this breaking news?


To be clear; when you say that, "Mr Photo did not comply with the president’s orders" - does that mean that he was being insubordinate? And if so, is this an impeachable offense?


bugs: Me and MR. FORTEAU will be taking THE CIP and KEITH DIAZ back to court to declare this meeting UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  So all this GALLERY about amendment to the constitution is just MORE MAMAGUY!!!


Look Claude playing for two bands at the same time. Just a couple of days ago he was in Rolly Polly's band. Now he in the boo boo gangsta band - D'Photos. 


Imagine that eh Bugs...and de man say he doh like Pan...Pan is noise...He behaving like a true expat-crackshot....

merrytonestothebone: You know that they doh LOCK UP PEOPLE for dat in the MECCA or in AMERICA. But them CIP MEN always promising JUDGMENT DAY FOR FORTEAU (18 months now) so ah tired waiting and ah jumping ship.

But doh let Aquil and Gregory and Oswald who are FULL of that SIN (sitting at the right hand of DIAZ the ALMIGHTY) cast NO stone!!!

What "sin" you talkin' 'bout Claude?...Yuh eh see dem fellas make Diaz "come clean"?...


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