A Fantastic Experience! An eyewitness report by Mark Loquan

Australia - In February 2009, a fire tragically destroyed most of the town’s infrastructure, and claimed several lives in this small community.  Marysville, a lovely town surrounded by mountains and lush green forests, and one of Victoria’s highest waterfalls, has been rebuilt by a strong and resilient community.

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  • Really nice to see the culture blossoming all over the world....

  • What a phenomenon this thing pan is! That it should be so embraced by people from all parts of the world like that. At one level, music is music and is the "universal language" after all. But with pan I sense there is something more and deeper. What that is ... is elusive, however.

    Anyway, that was a well-written and heart-warming report. Thank you Mark. And congrats to the Ozzies!!

    - Big Sid

  • A truly bice and inspiring event-congratulations to all concerned.

    All success for future events.

    Sonny Blacks -Impresario London

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