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Finals Results for Medium Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2018-Finals

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It's just curious the 10-11 point spread in by the winners in both categories from prelims to final, It just seems deliberate and orchestrated. Plus in an interview this year, the Prime Minister made a comment about steel band players toiling for hours only to win by half a point. Well this year there were no half points awarded on final night, if there was any I missed it. How can ordinary citizens trust our judges to be fair and not depend on popularity of tune, if you didn't win in X amount of years, if history could be created, who the arranger is or who is your sponsor? Probably we should do like the schools music festival and import judges who can do so strictly on the music and give reasons for placement.

Cutarse is a indeed a bitch....

merrytonestothebone: The page that I was on the viewers (1500 to 2500) were not as enthused about RENEGADES as you are. And the two hosts kept saying that the RESULTS will be an UPSET. Not to mention that they thought that the winning rendition was OVER-PRODUCED. And they have credentials, eh!

So doh flap your wings TOO HARD!!!

Claude you have said and continue to say everything that I expect of you... Again...I am not a Renegades supporter and I doubt I ever would be. It would not have mattered to me if they had placed last or never made the finals...Your sarcasm only allows you to see Renegades in one light...Time to take off yuh blinkers...

Can you get "them" to come on this forum ans say "the winning rendition was OVER-PRODUCED" instead of speaking on their behalf, Claude?

I want "them" - with credentials - to explain to me just what "they" mean.

Inform "them" that the only "degrees" I have is my body temperature; I'm prepared to have a debate.

A.L. Nunes:
Why attempt to debate an undisputed winning musical masterpiece, ... especially with a couple of unnamed hosts who were probably just trying to express their mistaken belief, in their own paltry way, that the other arrangements were 'under-produced'.

This serves to underscore one's plight when one has nothing else to rely on but credentials, eh!

Relish and revel in Renegades' well-deserved victory, man.

from what they said well one of them said that renegades over did it with their stage production, but then they where at odds cause they compared it to all stars last year and it was about the same. it was wack fm 

You are right and they had a thing where the guy said all stars was great last year but renegades flip the tabke and to them it wasnt so its biased all over its good for one band and not another 

yuh dun no!


I hear you Allison, however I am not in favour of bringing outside judges to analyse our music. WE need to get our act together and start wanting to do things the right way. We have a role to play as well. I saw many questions being asked this year regarding the qualifications and competency of the chosen judges at this year's competition. We need to keep asking these questions and be more demanding of the quality of individuals chosen for these competitions. We need to insist on a more transparent process. Is we ting and we have to want it done right. We have the capability right here at home.  

Totally agree with you. Select judges who know music, especially pan music!!


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