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$75,000 came too late to help Bertie says pan legend’s daughter

Trinidad Guardian
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.  - Claudine Marshall, the daughter of pan legend Bertie Marshall, who died last Wednesday, said yesterday the $75,000 given to the family yesterday by Government could not compensate for the 50 years of work her father took to build the steelband culture in T&T. Marshall, 76, of Harpe Place, East Dry River, suffered from diabetes. He had been in-and-out of hospital after numerous strokes and diabetic comas.


Minister of the People and Social Development Glenn Ramadharsingh yesterday visited Claudine at the family’s apartment and gave her the $75,000 cheque. He said the money was to take care of any outstanding medical and funeral expenses. After his visit, she expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment with the state’s lack of involvement in his rehabilitation.

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I feel your pain Claudine, it's not only the government that fail to heed the cries of Bertie, fellow pan people never stood with him when he needed them, for this I am deeply ashamed.

Bertram Marshall top pan tuner arranger and innovator should have been receiving his government old age pension eleven years before his demise at age 65. I cry shame on the then government in 2001 and beyond.

Greetings Cecil said it correctly. We should all be ashamed. I know I am.  I feel that I let him down too. Dr. Lance Seunarine

If 10,000 WST members buy just one book from Mr. Lance Seunarine  www.tricanbooks.com  with 10% going toward the fund he established to help (still living) pan pioneers, we could contribute in some small measure to their well-being and be PROUD in so doing.

Let us forego one pack of cigarettes; a bottle of a favorite brew or perfume; a manicure or a haircut and contribute to a worthwhile cause.  OR, let's continue to write, read or listen to the same old refrains when the next PAN icon...left destitute...succumbs.

Terry: You are on the right track!!! Now all we need is 9,999 more pan lovers with your thinking.

Terry what i,m going to state may cause me to be disbanded from this website,it,s something that caused me to abstain from  making any comments the last few weeks that has passed,,now here it is,,i was in the process of trying to get the correct infoon how to  to send my subscription for  the purchase of  a book or 2 from Doc,,Note well!!  !i was warned that this website is not the place for such a discussion,,so here it is now in the open, i therfore had stoppd immediately,, i rest my case.respect for all.

Jerome, if you have not done so already, simply go to the site and select book(s) on order form and follow the instructions for mailing order form & payment. Indicate that your purchase is in honor of the Pan Pioneers Fund (my wording pending Dr. Seunarine's correction).  The Doc's email is also availble on the site.

I received all six of my books (very enjoyable and informative) within a week----at a cost that I would easily squander on dinner for two.

---------Your respectful views could never warrant your being "disbanded" from WST-----------

Terry my Brother  Dr Seunarine was giving 20% to the fund,  it is disappointing to report that only a few of our members supported this noble gesture. As I have said before we could talk-up a storm here on WST but when time comes to get involved and do something positive members choose not to.

Firstly, my belated condolences to the family and friends of  the late Steelpan  Genius and Inventer Mr  Bertie Marshall , relevant to the amount of cash given to the family,the daughter of the late Mr Bertie Marshall has said a mouthfull,, Respect..

Someone with Bertie Marshall's status with the music industry should not have to be rewarded with a meaningless cheque.I am dissapointed too but not only with the treatment of Bertie but with the treatment of the industry as a whole.As the son of the late Cyril Diaz I was privelleged to travel around the world only to conclude that Trinbagonians are the most talented peopple in the world the closest being India.If a man with Bertie's talent and inovation was an american he would be known around the world as an inventor of techniques that would baffle most scientists.He also would be commissioned to lecture at colleges and universities thus leaving behind a legacy that would encourage young pan players to get more involved.Ellie Manette now kmown as Dr Ellie Mannette lived most of his life in America doing the above mentioned endeavours and was rewarded with an invitation to dine with then President Bill Clinton where he received an award for musical achievement.Hello ministry of tourism and delegated departments what's wrong with this picture?Should Bertie and his colleagues look forward to a $75,000 cheque?If so then I expect Robert Greenidge,Boogsie Sharp et al are destined to an execitive job an Mac Donalds.Come on trinis,wake up and let's fight this...Bob Diaz

Greetings I had said that I would contribute 20% of the sales of the books. Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine

Thanks , Doc, for the correction------------------20% of book sales, for a very worthy cause!!


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