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A,A. what happen CeciL,he is the first man to ask WST to post the new 2017 Pan songs, there are over one dozen posted and he is silent as if he knows something about pantrinbago and the 2017 Panorama

Cecil you is the first person to ask WST to post the 2017 Pan song and tell us which ones you like, and the year almost done and no word from you. Why the silence like you know something about Pantrinbago and the 2017 Panorama. What ever it is tell us, enquiring minds will like to be informed. BLESSINGS. 

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earl the only ting I know about Pan Trinbago is dey in DEEP shit, lets see how it turn out.

Ive been listening to the pan tunes and find most just Ok, even defosto sound tired. I like how they used the pan tones in "Hold That Panstick"

Gee Gee Ree sounding like a song Renegades played already from Kitch.

Pan Kingdom is the best one for me, Mia is doing it for birdsong in 2017. Conquerors ain't bad either these two songs were sung by Anslym Douglas. 

Tell me what you like.

Rhythm  Run Tings by Kernel Roberts and Pan In T&T by Skippy are two more nice songs.

earl richards, we waiting to hear what you have to say about 2017 Pan Songs.

Cecil: usually  I do not comment on the Pan songs this early, I usually wait until the majority of them are released buT you are forcing my hand I will listen to the early ones again and let you know what I like so far. I think we have a very interesting crop of Pan songs so far.  BLESSINGS.


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