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Supernova in Panorama 2016 is leading the change movement in technology, video production, self-promotion and self-sufficiency. Can other steelbands follow their lead?


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Supernovas Panorama Semi Finals 2016...


I sure hope so. This is the way to go. Excellent marketing.


Starlift had CDs of some of their Panorama made for FREE, but did not know how to market them.

What to Say?


I actually called a family member back home in Trinidad earlier to make this same observation. They are to be commended for their efforts.
Another case of big band syndrome. It is unfortunate that "pan lovers" only recognize advances in the Steelband fraternity when highlighted by a large band. Case in point, Golden Hands has done this for the past 2 years. And may I add with NO sponsor and limited resources. Original compositions for panorama written sung and arranged by their female arranger. Is this not worthy of a so called "pan lover's" attention? Don't get me wrong, kudos to Supernovas and all the best. See for yourself: https://youtu.be/d-svZoG5lVA



You are a thousand percent correct Vanessa. You and Golden Hands should be commended. And I owe you an apology because there is no one harder on small bands than me. Well done Vanessa.

Merrytones you can stop laughing at  me now.


I agree, Miss Headly you did an excellent job.

Leave me alone Bugs….lol…why should I laugh at you?…Nice one Vanessa...

If we say we love pan then we have to make an effort to know what's happening across the board. Otherwise we don't love PAN we love LARGE BANDS. There are so many others to be commended and encouraged. I can speak for GH. I am sure that Supernovas had their own hardships while in the small category (and possibly still do). I don't want to be presumptuous. On the flip-side, to the 'unrecognised', if you don't tell people about yourselves it is your own fault. Nobody ain't gonna do it for you!

Vanessa, if I am correct you made history with that tune because you composed it, arranged it, sung the vocals and played a pan solo on it...quite remarkable....congratulations.

I can't reinforce your point enough Vanessa. As Golden Hands Founder/Director, it has always been a key objective of our organization , for the padt 23 years, not only to demonstrate that the steelpan is a bona fide musical instrument, but that it can harness the creativity of our young musicians in unique ways. Congratulations to you Vanessa for being a true pan pioneer. She the first steel pan musician /arranger to compose, sing and arrange a Panorama piece ( not to mention performing on pans on the track), and personally do her own lyric video for this. And she has done this two years in a row without corporate sponsorship.
I wish to commend Supernovas for taking a page out of her book, and joining this New avant garde steelpan movement. All the best.
Franka Hills-Headley
Founder /Director , Golden Hands.


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