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We have vented our views on this forum as regards the T&T governments implications  on the Pan Community. We can do something more by petitioning the T&T government. We can all send an email or a <signature> with a note expressing our discontent. There are about 7000 members on WST forum. Brother Jojo has indicated that there is a lot more on wst facebook at the following address


If someone knows how to set this up so that we can all sign on to this petition against this act by the T&T government please make your contribution. We who are in the diaspora will be making a strong contribution to this cause. There is not much time left because the Panorama season is already on us. A Call to Arms is imminent. Who has the computer savvy and know how, needs to step forward now.


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Thank you Sir!
I like the list of initiatives in the Pan Trinbago philosophy, and I hope the Executive can "execute". A lot more can be done to generate revenue for the steelbands , and keep the panists busy throughout the year.

Now, can we please stop this nonsense of comparing the steelband movement to business?

Granted, I do believe that bands can and should do more to earn income at the local level, especially at Carnival time, but pan is not business, it is an aspect of CULTURE.

This does not mean that money cannot be made from pan, but just by its existence the steelband adds untold millions in foreign revenue to the nations coffers, and the steelbands are entitled to share in this bounty.

This share of the nation's wealth is not a handout.


Glenroy, I'm very glad you made that point about the steelband movement not being a business. Pan is ever bit a part of the music industry as any other instrument (or at least it SHOULD be!) and panists should be able to make a living the same as any other musician. But there is a very real danger that accompanies putting pan entirely under control of businessmen. Businessmen do not have any use or concerns for art, they don't care about anything but the numbers. While money is certainly a big concern, I think we can all agree that the best thing for the instrument is to focus on the music, not the quickest route to cash. I can give two very good examples from the American pan world: if you want to play pan and make money in the US (at least outside of NY and Miami), it means you have to play to audiences that think Bob Marley invented pan; it means you play Yellow Bird and Cheeseburger in Paradise and act like you are thrilled to play such garbage; it means leaving artistic integrity at the door... Another example: there was a gentleman in southern Indiana who made pressed pans - he didn't even fire the pans while he made them. He found a way to cut costs and cut corners, and the end result are pans that sound horrible and are almost not worth having tuned. Pan Trinbago should DEFINITELY keep the players' needs in the forefront of their priorities, and pan should absolutely be a lucrative career, but my thought is that nothing extraordinary in the art world comes from a desire simply make money.

Salah, I think this is a great alternative, and when it gets off the ground I'll support it in any way that I can!


"just by its existence the steelband adds untold millions in foreign revenue to the nations coffers, and the steelbands are entitled to share in this bounty.

This share of the nation's wealth is not a handout.


TELL DEM AGAIN Mr Glenroy Joseph!

  At last!!!  Someone has come up with something positive that we the members of WST can do to show our concern and support for all the pannists and steelbands in TnT.  Salah - I am totally behind you with this action unfortunately I am not an experienced web user so that I can help with the actual setting up of the petition.  However, I will ask around as all the members of WST should do and see if we can help and "put our money where our mouth is".  It's very easy to pontificate and go on and on through this discussion board here as all Trinis tend to do but we are very short of actions most of the time (no Trini betta not tell meh it eh true!!) so just this once let's get off our butts and get behind this idea.  IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE IN WST LAND WHO CAN HELP SALAH SET UP THIS PETITION????  If so PUHLEEZE come forward. 

Please remember the government wants positive feedback from its expatriates overseas and if we make enough noise and show we mean business Kamla will come forward and do something


  Anything that can be done to preserve the dignity of our steelbands,has my support.

  No politician or extempore singer or any other person must not be allowed to undermine

  this movement which has had to endure, and survive,all those trials and tribulations,for close to one hundred years.

  Thanks Salah for initiating this effort.


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