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A Desperadoes Moment of Greatness - Panorama Semi Finals 2012

A Desperadoes Moment of Greatness

Global - In a Panorama season full of intrigue, surprises and unknown territory rife with land mines and few certainties - we find ourselves in a very special place. It is the morning after the semi-final 2012 Panorama competition. Moreover, it is the moment in this enclave where we, When Steel Talks, are normally busy analyzing and writing about who is in and who is out - who made it and by how much and of course what transpired. This year ironically on the day after the Super Bowl, we will leave that to the Monday morning quarterbacks - the Trinidad and Tobago national papers, pundits and self-appointed Panorama music experts. Hey, we all think we're experts when it comes to Panorama music.

“we will just have to dust off our pants, pick ourselves up off the ground and comeback stronger...” ...Desperadoes player
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Very well said!

panorama should be abolished forever. i am an ardent supporter of renegades ,and after listening to the semifinals and seeing where they were placed was a mystery to me ,but worse of all after hearing despers i was treated to the best music i have heard in half a century ,and the judges decided they did not qualify for the finals .i am a past pan player my self and was awed by their performance. let the people vote on panorama ,forget the judges .i am so disgusted i will not buy a finals tape this year

Can you please the band that should NOT be in the finals?

I am a past pan player with Starlift, and currently a member of the Invaders Percussion Section.  I too am deeply disappointed  with what transpired with the judging at this years Panorama Semi-Finals.  It was a travesty of major proportions for Invaders to have placed 10th, and even more of an injustice for Desperadoes to have come 12th.  Quite shocking to say the least.  Its time we get qualified musicians that are specialists in the instrument to judge the Panorama.  I fully agree with ronald's comments. 

Dhanesh, Invaders tune was to simple, they played very well, I liked their performance. Invaders will do much better final night, but not a tune and arrangement to come first.

The unthinkable of Unthinkable, Desperadoes not in Panorama finals. This is the first time there has been a finals without Despers. Well I don’t know what the judges heard on Sunday night, but for me Despers song was kicking ass

. This guy Andre White (the arranger) is 21, the music he brought was far better than some of the rubbish that got in. This guy is the LONG TERM future for Despers, his music is fresh, interesting and new but still keeping the masterful sound of Despers and Clive Bradley. I was waiting to hear what he would have done for Finals; you know Despers is a final night band. Something has to be done about the judging system for Panorama, how can this happen? cant they have a public vote like X Factor?? 

Disappointed with the results but looking forward to next year for Despers and Andre White. Love the music. Peace and Love.

Pan Times could we get the Despers performance on youtube, pretty please. Thanks you.

I am amazed how one Band could be playing basically the same arrangement for at least the past 20 years and still get the Judges nod for by now every Pan Player could easily anticipate what they are going to play even without hearing their rendition .On the contrary Despers provided us with a very interesting piece and maintained their very high standard but Panorama Judging has and would always be controversial . It is now time to heal and return with the strength that we all know you possess . To be #1 with 10 Panorama victories shows the Class and fortitude that you guys are made of and this 2012 result must be the motivation for you to show them that Despers Culture . Stay up . Thanks . 

The problem with the panorama is they have to get young judgers to judge the panorama.
These old judges can't cut it any more,40,50,60,70 years old judges it time to give the young people a chance to judge panorama.
95% of people playing pan is young players,60% of the arangers is young people,But you have old people as judges that can't work.
Young people know what they doing and they know what they looking for, So let's get young judges and give them a chance.I rest my case. 

The decision it appears has been taken in good spirits.......I am proud of Despers.....my band for life.....they have displayed a spirit of maturity and discipline....I will support them for the rest of my life time...They have always been a great Orchestra and excellent Ambass

adors for our country.....of course I am disappointed...But I am proud of them.

GOOD SHOW guys.....We will come out stronger next year please God...

My hat to Mr. Greenidge for that classie act. To Mr. White, just dust the pants off and come again, also speak to Robert, Pelham, Jit and a few others who have been where you are right at this moment, learn from them how to deal with it, hold no bitterness but use it to gain strength to be even better. You will be the key to opening the door for other young arrangers from New York and other countries of the world to the big yard, let's kill all that nonsense that people hold in their hearts and unfortunately minds about the young arrangers, let's support these men and women please, they are the future.


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