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I am posting an article written by Mr. Robert Saldenha on "THE EVLOUTION OF THE STEELBAND" to add more insights into the development of the instrument.

As I said before, little do we know the considerable talent that sits on the sidelines and reads. We should all encourage them to come forward. 

This line from the article stood out for obvious reasons, since I have been encouraging others to tell their stories, whilst they still can.

"I have heard other stories of the origins of the Steelband, but unfortunately did not have the foresight to record it, and that information is probably lost."



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Great article! and Big Respect, Mr Saldenha!

Nice article Sam, got any pics to go with it?

Thanks Cecil.   Unfortunately I do not have any pictures.   However, Kim Johnson has an excellent book on the history of Pan, and filled with pictures.   I cannot remember the exact title, it could be "AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF PAN".   It is  more than worth what you will pay.  I encouraged everyone to purchase a copy.  You will see images or people who were involved in the steelband from the inception.   You will finally meet them.


Sally I have to congratulate You for your effort of educating some  of us who are still in dis array about our Steel band Evolution. Your research is well appreciated. Some day we will find the real truth. I hope you have cleared up a lot of ambiguity of Pan Evolution.

Thanks Val.   Just making my contribution like many others.

Thanks Robert for the article, and thanks to Claude for the posting. If only we could get Mr. Mannette, Mr Jules and Mr. Betancourt together for a taped discussion.

Ian, that will be nice to have a taped discussion to see who going to say, "I did this or I did that First, etc

Thanks Ian.  We missed a golden opportunity with the passing of Albert James, a past President of NATTS.

He died last year or year before.   He knew the history well.

Great Article, Just two correction   { Alan Gervais and James "Bassman" Jackman}

Michael Kernahan

Thanks Mike.

Do you know baseman personally or you heard of him?

iI really enjoyed this article, At least if he was not sure about something he let you know in advance, I like where he gave you dates where you can do a process of elimination and use your common sense to pick sense from nonsense. 


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