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A little STEELBAND HISTORY! Give Ray Holman his jacket!

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The fact the Ray never won a Panorama with his own tune will always weigh heavily on a awesome career in the steelband. I wish him luck as he continue looking for that big win.

Ray Holman is the perfect example as to why I do not judge an arranger's abilities only based on panorama wins.

He is surely one of the best of the best.

Glenroy, I believe why the arrangers ability is judged by the amount of Panorama wins, is because it is VERY, VERY difficult to win ONE Panorama far less NINE. And it is VERY VERY VERY difficult, 3 verys in capitals, to even win with your own tune. Last year I heard a very popular arranger lamenting how difficult it was to get 1 point from a panel of judges, especially on a final night. So while I agree with you to an extent, track record always speaks for itself.

An excellent post.

An accurate account of the early activity of one of the greatest of all artists of the pan.

One thing I think I must add. Before Ray, the movement of middleclass young men into the fold had begun. In the mid 1950s a group of QRC boys formed a steelband called 'Saigon' (i think the name was) and played on the road for a couple years. This band included quite a few sons of prominent Trinidadians, including John Donaldson Minister of Government (and Dr Solomon too) and Victor Noel, well known educator and sports manager.

This band was joined by a few members of Invaders to become Starlift. So Ray's movement to Starlift was almost a 'natural' one.

Incidentally, Ray, brilliant as he was, is probably the only person to play in two steelbands in one Carnival (Starlift and Invaders). He moved from one band to the next as the fancy took him that year.

Ray 'Soul of Pan' Holman - Speaks

i had many discussions with clive bradley,whatever we spoke about always cam down to one thing,pan.he would always talk about the arrangers and would start by saying "leh meh tell yuh this" and would always end by saying ray holman is the best arranger.he said when he heard pennylane in 1970 he couldn't believe how an arranger could take a tune like that and make it sound so good.he said that gave him a lot of confidence going forward as an arranger.Rip.

True Dat is a fact....

Indeed!!! Haunting Memories...  > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRFV_fRnRjM

All-time Ray Holman steel band classic....Hummingbirds Pan Groove - Steelband Paradise

Ray may not have won a Panorama Title in his steelpan career thus far...  But in my heart and mind and those of many other pan affectionados, he should have and remains one of my favourite, period. > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5cMgaPQbr8

Ray and Skiffle is a good combination, he has a well discipline band with good instruments and players, so the stage is set for his big win.  

Which BIG win Cecil, if Ray aint win with Phase 11 when he had the chance, yuh tink he will win with any other??


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