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A look at Grand Stand, The Big Stage, North Park...all at #CarnivalCity Trinidad carnival 2019

The Big Stage, North Park...all at #CarnivalCity Trinidad carnival 2019

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Gypsy took a BOLD STEP.

Maybe THE PUBLIC goes for it and it all works out -- including the PANORAMA CROWDS.

What exactly is the North Park? All I can see on the north side is fence and a couple of huge tents. 

Thanks for the info Claude. I like the idea and I'm hopeful it will work out

The North Stand sheltered patrons from the sun carnival days, the North Park look like it could be lacking in this area carnival days.

I think that people of Trinidad and Tobago should approach the prime minister about developing the carnival just like the
CDC did years ago. This is not good enough'.

NOT GOOD enough Gypsy, you have to come better than that. What is North Park really?

Basically, this is just the Greens taking place of the North Stand. Pan Trinbago worried about money will be losing 1 million on Semifinal Sunday alone, This was a golden opportunity to revive the North Stand for Carnival and to bring back the days when Calypsonians sang to both the Grand and North Stand. It is always a problem when new administration flexes their muscles in the first opportunity they get without establishing themselves first. If it fails it will be a failure for both Gipsey and Pan Trinbago as a whole. The blame will be squarely on Gipsey.

For all the MARKETERS and PROMOTERS, listen to the lyrics man David Rudder "Savannah Party" and come up with a formula on HOW to SELL a PANORAMA EXPERIENCE incorporated with MODERN TECHNOLOGIES...visual diagrams of the physical layout, a brochure to guide foreign visitors on parking, toilet facilities, online ticketing etc...user-friendly.

Charlie's Roots - Old Time Days (Medley)

Charlie's Roots - Savannah Party

odw you have toilets, but no toilet paper, you have parking, but cars are broken into, online ticketing, but many at the gates selling similar looking tickets but much cheaper. If by chance you get caught, bush lawyers to get you out very quickly with the countrys 'concurrent' archaic laws.

More North Park News

Three different areas, three different prices, for the North Park. Could be upsetting for many if your  partners purchase particular area, not knowing, can't lime together. This area is to small to divide into three and then have three different costs. Preferred if there was a third  price for any North Park area. Maybe better, one price for all areas.


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