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A Moment in Pan - Southern Marines - When Steel Talks - Pan Woman

A Moment in Pan - Women in Pan - Mother and Child

Photo by Mr. Rae Samuel

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Wow! Pantastic. No Baby doh cry! 

Powerful image, protective gear on the child's head.

Pan Woman

Pan Woman - Exodus

This is a baby, come on, this child should be at home in comfort. So many in trini have children and simply are not ready for parenting. The baby inhaling weed all night and with the cheaply looking headphones, I am sure the baby is hearing everything, picking up and retaining a lot, because it's practice every night for weeks. Education, education.

Patrick, good observations, let us not pre-judge without understanding the situation.

Educational Neuroscience Michael Thomas


Thank you odw.

What better comfort than being with your parent?  

At least it is better than being in front of TV all night. Pan is used in developed countries as a means of reducing stress and depression. I am sure many women in T&T are using it to that effect.


Parenting SKILLS!

BONDING with your infant child, developing a sense of SECURITY!

Mother and baby is a powerful symbol of caring and sharing an experience that might be a wonderful memory for both of them. She did not abandon her baby, she has embraced her parental responsibility. That picture reminds me of numerous scenes in Africa and during slavery which featured women working in the fields with babies strapped to their backs. Mother, I complement your efforts to manage your situation.You are obviously a confident, strong, resilient individual; for that I admire and celebrate you. May the God of  heaven forever keep you in his blessings and favour.

This is not no part-time lover of pan...full 100. Would like to meet that pan woman...commitment to the fullest.   Remind me when I use to take my youth to practice in a scroller (his mom was working evening shift)...and today he is an arranger for a band in Toronto. Keep the love for pan growing.  Love that pix.


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