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A Panorama Question - How can there be a discrepancy of 28 points between two judges?

Curtis Betaudier


How can there be a discrepancy of 28 points between two judges, listening to the same tune, at the same time, at the same table?

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BRAVO BUGS!!...Go to the head of the class...


Please say this not "Gangstaville 2.0"...And I don't want to hear nothing about fowls, KFC, and or cockroach.  How come you are not a judge?


My understanding of "fair play" disqualifies me from being a Panorama judge...Moreso at the Single Pan category...I know that I would be there to judge music only, but once a player can represent more than one band...It is not a competition...fuhgedabout me....

odw: Thanks for sharing the CURTIS BETAUDIER involvement in TRINIDAD PAN. But if it takes a PAN SOLDIER with that HIGH LEVEL OF PAN LEGITIMACY to pose that question (for which no OFFICIAL ANSWER will be provided), then PAN PROGRESS is TRULY A PIPE DREAM.

And PAN TRINBAGO had all kinda JUDGING SEMINARS for days and days on end -- yet it look like the NEEDLE GONE BACKWARD.

Anyways, people just like the EXCITEMENT of the PANORAMA -- so nobody should take any aspect of it TOO SERIOUSLY.

Thanks, again!!!

Dear Mr. Cecil Hinkson,

I am in full agreement with your argument that judges are human, and we are not perfect, and appreciate the opportunity to elaborate on that observation.

It would be noteworthy to understand how many bands proceeding to the next rounds, are officers at regional and national level affiliated to. Many bandleaders and arrangers have always expressed both their amazement and suspicion in equal proportions at the meteoric rise of member bands of regional and national officers at panorama time. They have always been inclined to point fingers at irreparable deficiencies in the entire adjudication process of which 28 points, and many times 1 point disparities are inconceivable. 

Yours respectfully,

Pan Trinbago's Official #1 Fan.


This needs looking into. I don't think analytics or bad weed can explain this. 


Mr Bugs,

I believe that with all the talent and training that exists in this age where AI is as real as 6, Mr. Gonzales can use a Backtracking algorithm, and let's see what we come up with as it relates to THE POSSIBILITIES OF MAKING IT ALL THE WAY TO THE FINALS, WHERE THE MONEY IS AT.

True dat...  True dat...


I believe that regardless of the training judges get, how they score a tune has a lot to do they heard the tune, so there will always be discrepancy, there is always a human factor.

Cecil:BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE screw up the JUDGING -- and everybody BLAMING YOU.

Ah never see thing so!!!

Sir Cess:

Do you think that this is one of the reasons why the highest and the lowest marks are usually tossed out, or is that scoring system no longer followed?

In doing so, blatant discrepancies or distortions in the marks allotted are attenuated somewhat.  This protocol of eliminating the highest and the lowest marks is usually employed in judging highly subjective competitions, I believe.

Judges have different tastes & prefer certain styles to others. I have had a judge comment on a tune I did where she said a certain part sounded lovely but was not relevant to d tune when all I did was play d melody with elongated notes on d guitar & cello pans with substantial runs on d tenors & double tenors. Another judge, listening 2 d same song said there was no motivic development which I did twice in d arrangement. Needless to say that was my last venture in to Panorama arranging because I realised some judges don't know what they r doing or what to look 4, while others have favourites & pay more attention to certain arrangers & certain bands at d expense of others. One Panorama La Brea  Nightingales shake up d grand stand during their semi-final performance ,d place was buzzing 4 a long time after they played. To everyone's dismay,when d results came out they were last.


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