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A question for all the BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE supporters: What is the BR-M agenda/vision for PAN?

Could her supporters on THIS FORUM speak for her agenda? Could you get your candidate to come on THIS FORUM and do a Q&A or post her MANIFESTO?

I am not even running for PRESIDENT but over the years I have laid out many aspects of my agenda. And I have shared HUNDREDS OF EMAILS with PAN PEOPLE in TRINIDAD outlining a GLOBAL VISION for THE MUSIC and related PAN PRODUCTS.

So I think a candidate of this standing in the race should be out in PUBLIC letting the GLOBAL STEELBAND COMMUNITY know how she plans to take PAN TRINBAGO from DEPENDENCY to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. I would sure like to hear her outline her plans for GLOBAL PAN.

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‘When you say Ramsey, you say pan’

“I don’t understand how you could have been operating an organisation that was spending millions of dollars and there are no rules guiding anything,” she complained.

 Secondly, Ramsey- Moore believes that pan should be much more than just competition.

“Pan is an industry and, as such, we need to have more of an impact on the human capital, those who play the pan, what are we doing for them?” she asked.


Katzenjammers - Wake Up

Katzenjammers - Say Say

I have seen a lot of our players, especially those from Trinidad, who see the season of Panorana as the season where they can make money and you see them moving from band to band because that is the period where they make the most money. [Like she TIEF that line from MERRYTONESTOTHEBONE, or what?]

“But, I want to see more than that for them. They need to be empowered to build themselves where they can save and get into business and get meaningful world. You must not remain a hustler for the balance of your life. That is the role that I want to play, to transform lives and give people the power to move [up in life]."

And EXACTLY what is THE PLAN to transform lives and give people the power to move up in life?

That is my question: Outside of the POLITICAL RHETORIC, WHAT IS THE PLAN?


In 2012 Ms. Beverely Ramsey-Moore made a call for suggestions right here on this forum... http://whensteeltalks.ning.com/forum/topics/greetings-from-beverley... 

Your current buddy and client, Rolly Polly never listened to you once. And look at the fine mess he has created. In fact, he and his gangstas have killed "Shame" in Trinidad and Tobago.  Ms. Beverely Ramsey-Moore wants bring "Shame" back from the dead.

So the question is not what will Ms. Ramsey do? That's too easy. The question is - will she support your "global vision" if it merits support?

In this regard Claude, I strongly recommend that you and others post your vision right here, right now in the forum so that the good lady can vet your suggestion and provide a public response.

In addition, should Ms. Ramsey Moore prove to be more distinguished than that "Curry" fella you are so in love with - you should consider flipping like College Boy, Rolly Polly, Manafort, Cohen and Flynn. Oh and of course an APOLOGY to Ms. Ramsey for your past associations with the not ready for prime time players and baseless utterances of not supporting female leadership. 


Ah doh hear dem singing "LOCK Her Up"

Ah hear D'Photo is the next one to  SING like a FLIPPER....is Bois fuh dem gangstas.

Anslem Douglas - Bois (Stick Fight)...Licks sharing at headquarters.


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