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Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday  General I think you are in many ways I am a ardent reader of  your News Paper Articles.

All the best.

 Happy Birthday to you Sir, earlier today I saw the documentary ''70 Remembering A Revolution' and the role you played in exercising the kind of leadership and decision making as a young Lieutenant that saved lives when faced with gunfire from the Coast Guard during the army mutiny, you and your men showing support for the Black Power movement. You are a true revolutionary...more power to you.

Thanks to the WST crew and all members who wished me well. I shall continue to support WST and pan music across the world.

A very, very, Happy Birthday, and many more to you, Raffique!

Happy and healthy birthday to you brother Raffique.  I have always been an fan (I should have found a better word) of your work as journalist and social commmentator.  I admire most your honesty and humility not to mention the fact that you are a damm great writer. Keep up the good work bro, and here's to continued wellness.

Happy Birthday!  Good health, lots of laughter (we need it) and I look forward to many more thought provoking articles and history of pan in Central. Love you.


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