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All-inclusive steelband disrespect

Friday, February 3 2012

THE EDITOR: I write this to register my amazement and anger at what is to take place on Sunday at the National Semi-Finals of the 2012 Panaroma.

It is my understanding that there will be an area called the Greens, with an entrance fee of $350. My contention is why is there a need to have somewhat of an all-inclusive party complete with DJ etc on what is the day for the national instrument, the Pan. To me this shows utter disrespect and contempt for our culture.

Last year there was a problem of feedback from a DJ behind the North Stand. Isn’t the North Stand enough of a party? If PanTrinbago sanctions this move, then heaven help us.

It signifies that PanTrinbago has no respect for the Pan and is only interested in making money and that one cannot expect citizens to have any respect as well. The time may be appropriate for us to give up our patented right of being the country where Pan was born and give it to the wider world where it is more revered and respected for what it stands for, than here in the land of its birth Trinidad and Tobago.


Gloria Francis

via e-mail

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She right on.Dj has taken over all parties and the steel band are omitted from fetes as back in the sixties. and are part of the problem why the steelbands are suffering !!!!

utter disrespect. are they mad. 

Gloria, I fully endorse your views. Pan Trinbago appears to be selling it's soul for a "few pieces of silver". It is apparent that no lessons were learned from last year's fiasco, which, supposedly, caused a leading steelband not to qualify for the finals.

I totally aggree, it is a total disrespect for Pan. If Pan Trinbago support this disrespect, then some heads need to roll from Pan Trinbago

Even if they make a million dollars from this utterly senseless and disgraceful venture,I'd bet that their books would still show a loss on the day!What a "clever" bunch of scamps we're saddled with.

but why the hell is a DJ needed at a pan event at ALL?  if people not there for the pan, why do they bother spend money for a ticket? why go there at all?  There's plenty of fetes to go to somewhere else.  Stupidness. 


Wow!! That is total disregard for our national instrument, what a SHAME.   The next generation is watching. Doh mix it up and then ask why.  Respect the panist and the pan. There is a time and place for everything.

if pantrinbago sanction that well we need to form a next pan body 

I totally agree.  Stopped going to the North Stand years ago because of the Rhythmn sections being allowed to get out of hand.  If you are encouraging the youngsters to appreciate the Pan why are you allowing this to occur? You'll find me on the "Drag" where the real Pan lovers go for Semis so we could at least hear some of the bands without the boom boxes and now they've also fenced us out.  Don't mind paying a fee to go on the Drag as I think Pantrinbago missing a good opportunity there.

Respect is earned, and "freedom" is not given. In my "Blueprint", I intentionally addressed this issue. Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with deejays; my issues are with a "pan fraternity", who choose to complain. Reminds me of a story: There's this gorilla in a cage, and every morning people would pass by, and hear the gorilla bawling its eyes out; I mean this animal was in serious pain. So one day, a gentleman, on his way to work, decided to stop and ask the zookeeper what was the gorilla's problem. So the zookeeper says, "Oh, he's crying, because he has a thorn stuck in his thumb". So the man asks, "Why doesn't he just pull it  out?", and the keeper responds, "Oh, because it only hurts him enough to cry about it". The point in that story, is that many people complain about their problems and pains, but few ever do anything about it. My conscience is clear, knowing I am doing my part to keep the real issues in the conversation. I am a revolutionary mind, and I inform myself. You all may not know, but I have not seen or heard a single clip from Panorama, and I think that is probably my way of boycotting the "BS". As for the disrespect, this is nothing new, and the true leadership of the "steelband movement" (not Pan Trinbago, which was set up to destroy the former leadership), fiercely addressed the issues dealing with both deejays, and omission of steelbands at fetes. So, again, I hope those who are genuine on this WST forum, establish the proverbial "balls" (and ovaries) that is needed to get the job done. In all actuality, I would say that the women in this forum, appear to have more courage in speaking out against what is going on, not just among the pan population, but also within our beloved twin-island nation. In Ma'at (Truth).


To The Ghost Who Talks,,,there are  a few bad eggs on this website,,,starting with me and yourself the the rest are also added,,the fact remains that there are few  whom pretend to represent the steelpan,, to date with all of the comments made by many   earlier,,,to address the fact  of ,,,injustice,,,favouritism,,,,psycological attitude,, there is silence exercised by many,,,,,quesions,,,,i,m from another carribean land and do Respect and Cherish  the Steelpan,,,,,,,questions,,,,,,nevertheless i have posted the question and luckily the truth,,,which was,,,,,Why certain places or specifically speaking ,,certain residential areas weren,t  being searched during the SOE,,,Why wasn,t there an immmediate response by persons in authority when the pannist,,panist,,steelband,,,steelpan were EVICTED,,,,,,,,Why when there  was a shortage of empty drums  for the production of the Steelpan   no immediate action was taken by those who do proclaim to love  or do regard their National Heritage,,,,now i have had a historical explanation,,,facts well,,BUT!!!my questions was neverbeing  answered,,,,,  IT  WAS  AVOIDED,,,,,questions again,,,,,i,m not in the process of digging or uprooting the un-necessary,,,,even though my questions are realistic and truthful,,,, WHY  IS IT  TO THE PRESENT  MOMENT  NO ONE AND I DO REPEAT NO  ONE   CAN BE TRUTHFUL  ENOUGH  TO ANSWER MY QUESTIONS,,,,,WHICH IS IN RELATION  FOR  THE BETTERMENT OF ALL  PANNIST..PANIST,,,,TUNERS   ARRANGERS,, ,,,my   last question is  ,,,,DOES   ANYONE  REALISES  THE POWER  OF THE TRUTH,,, we can do as much as we  want,,, but  NOT  AS LONG  AS  WE   WANT,,,,,MY  RESPECT TO ALL IN THE STEELPAN WORLD,,,One of the most upright persons on this Network/Website ,,a straight forward person,,,a member that i,ve ever encountered in my lifetime on the internet,, ,is THE GHOST  WHO  TALKS,,,,,,,,WE CAN RUN BUT WE CAN,T HIDE,,THE POWER OF THE TRUTH,,,,,,GOD  BLESS TO ALL WITH RESPECT.

It hurts...doesn't it? Pan friends, in reading your comments I cannot help but share your pain, anger, hurt and grief over this assumedly intolerable situation. Catt's question is correct...why go there at all if one's interest does not lie with the pan? Remember people that T&T is a Land of Lime, and it's a case of any port for a storm. Amongst yourselves, you have also said that Pan Trinbago ought not to sanction this sort of thing....well apparently Pan Trinbago does not see it that way. To them, it may very well be an attempt at self-sufficiency. To those who feel the need for change in management at Pan Trinbago, I say there is so much emphasis placed on money-making in T&T that honesty, good governance, true patriotism and the like have all gone flying through the window. Sad day for the culture, isn't it? But where and what is the culture today? Who and what defines the concept of culture in this small, yet vast multi-cultural space in which we exist as a people at this time. Or, is it that what we have now is actually defining who and what we have become as a people? What our youth have been trained towards 20 years ago has returned to haunt us. And so, Trinis know how to party, but not really how to show respect for, and revere,reflect upon and relate with our inherent traditions which were bestowed upon us just so, by our ancestors. The same applies to our social strata, our economic plans, our general psyche....and all we do is TALK ABOUT IT!


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