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An apology from Aquil Arrindell to Keith Diaz. Happy Easter!

An apology from Aquil Arrindell to Keith Diaz. Happy Easter!


By Aquil Arrindell


The day after Tuesday’s meeting, which was called by the president to discuss the state of the organization, the morning sun made leaves glitter as everything it touched turned to gold. The birds sang a special song that resembled the harmonic structure of a church choir and the contrapuntal style of a Jit Samaroo panorama arrangement. The morning air was cool and refreshing so I made sure to take some deep breaths and thank the Lord that I was still in the land of the living. I drove to work, which is in Moruga. It is in the countryside and the drive is about an hour long. It is also in very hilly terrain and you can see the other hills in the distance coloured with the predominantly green trees of different shades but there are a few yellow and sometimes red trees the stand out among them. As you would see in any town-to-country ride, the architecture would move from tall concrete structures to predominately wooden huts. My radio was off, and I just took the time to notice and internalize all the beauty that surrounds me every day that went unnoticed since I had decided to address the corrupt actions of this present executive at Pan Trinbago.


It is the end of the term. One of my schools is on the beach. The school was very quiet as most students stayed home from an already small population of students, so the grumbles of the beach were louder than usual. At my other school, which also has a small population with a small building and a big field that has two carat sheds on its periphery, children participated in an Easter egg hunt. Then kite flying followed. Soca music from Kes, the song Hello on repeat, came from powered speaker boxes facing the field.  


The next day I was at my bigger schools. The first school had their Easter bonnet parade. Proud mothers accompanied their girls in these Cinderella-type ball room dresses. And the bonnets were extraordinary. An array of flowers of different colours carefully put together on these oversized hats gave the costumes the magic of a Disney character. At the second school, dads and uncles came out in their numbers to help with the kite flying. Unfortunately, the breeze refused to blow. Children, parents and teachers, myself included, comically tried to put up kites of varying colours, shapes and sizes. It is days like these that remind me how truly blessed I am. Thanks to the steel pan, thanks to my teacher, Lennox Fortune (aka Sam), thanks to San City Steel Symphony, thanks to the pan fraternity, thanks to Trinidad & Tobago and thanks to Almighty God for the opportunity.


This is how I usually view the world. I am simply an admirer of beautiful things. It is one of my main sources of inspiration. These are the things that fuel my creativity and I am looking forward to a Pan Trinbago that functions as a support to its membership. The membership which would continue to produce artistes who would enrich our country’s cultural reserves.


At the meeting, I took the opportunity to apologize to Mr. Diaz and any other person that I may have offended on my journey towards creating a better Pan Trinbago. I also explained that because of the extraordinary circumstances which he created, my actions had to be extreme. Another CIP member told him he loved him as a brother. I let him know that I loved him, and still do, as a father, but the right thing is the right thing and the wrong thing can never be right. I said all of this to him after he told the membership that he is stepping down and suggested ways to do so without leaving the rest of the pan vampires in the executive.


Thank you Mr. Diaz for finally putting the organization’s interest in front of your own. This is Easter time. A time when we recognize the rebirth of a saviour. A saviour who taught us all that it is not too late once the breath of life resides within you. Confess you sins and ask for forgiveness, and you will be forgiven. We, the membership, hear you Mr. Diaz, and once your intent is true, we will all work with you to GET THEM ALL OUT, ONCE AND FOR ALL.


Happy Easter to all.


Aquil Arrindell

Let’s Give Peace a Chance.    

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When is Mr Diaz going? we've BEEN hearing about the stepping down.

So Aquil arrive at the CONCLUSION that KEITH DIAZ is on HIS SIDE or working for HIS BENEFIT. And that KEITH DIAZ had some kind of EPIPHANY and wanted to be WASHED FROM SINS PAST.

Cecil: Find ah BIG BRIDGE in MONTREAL and leh we sell it to Aquil at a DISCOUNTED PRICE.

All this HILLS and TREES and RIVERS and SEAS is just a little too poetic for me.

So ah gone back with meh old REFRAIN/DIAZ til 2020 -- AGAIN!!!

Aquil is not naive. He is a strategic  thinker, who sets the stage by describing, in poetic detail, the Trinidad we all know and love. Then he separates personalities from issues, a wise move, as the issues may remain in place even after the change of persons in charge. Finally, he expresses appreciation  for the current leaders, kills them with kindness'. Again ,a smart move, and not entirely cynical. There is a special dynamic which comes into play, when members  of any interest organisation are elected to lead. The relationship changes from 'comrades' to 'bossman-employee' in an instant. How it evolves from there depends on the character and integrity of  leaders and followers alike. It can become a patron-client system,a master-servant relationship or, in the best of worlds, a joint effort for the betterment of all.

You don't need to look for a bridge to sell Aquil, he is building his own.

Excellent assessment of a person who just wants the right thing to be done. It's easy to "do the right thing" but people stand in the way.

I don't know Aquil, but he seems to have been raised the 'long time' way, whatever that means.

Some may think that the alleged problems at PanTrinbago is isolated, but the culture of greed accompanied by dictatorial tendencies is quite evident in many Steelpan organizations in THIS country. Sometimes I see pot calling kettle black, and kettle responding "same to you", pal.

Mercer: Do you know that LILIAN STEN was one the first persons to come on this forum and declare DUVONE STEWART a musical genius (years ago). You see where that went last PANORAMA NIGHT.

Now she is calling Aquil Arrindell a POLITICALGENIUS, so it seems that Aquil Arrindell is destined to lead the PAN movement to GLOBAL and LOCAL success.

Once he get past FORTEAU and the OLD GUARD -- HE GONE CLEAR!!!

Easter in Trinidad...


have a lil faith.

through God, anything is possible .

"Thank you Mr. Diaz for finally putting the organization’s interest in front of your own."

One can "have a lil faith" but "fate" can determine a persons destiny.

Ah taught Good-Friday gone, I eh no bobolee taking licks from any body.

This is a BATTLE for CONTROL. Mr Diaz knows what he knows and knows what YOU don't know.

In God we trust...in Man we...fill in the blanks.

Who The Cap Fit...

The kitchener tape was not available or not on file.....,

The Bob Marley tape was available for audio.....

See what I mean, this is the fate of Calypso, soca and pan.

Steelpan is a Panorama thing, the expats return to their haunts, the big five bands are not so happy,

the big fish will continue to eat up the small fish in the steelpan fraternity and so it goes.

Now the fight to control pan-trinbago begins in earnest.   Orvis Noel

Aquil, Diaz said that he accept your apology and you could come back for your old job....


i did not need his permission for that, pal.

I take what i want and when i don't want it, I let it go...

but thanks for relaying Mr. Diaz message.



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