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An Apology - WIADCA Boss Speaks to New York Steelband Community

President of WIADCA William R. Howard addresses members of New York’s pan community Brooklyn, New York - In an unprecedented address to members of the New York steelpan community, Mr. William R. Howard (more familiarly known as Mr. Bill Howard), president of WIADCA (West Indian American Day Carnival Association) - expressed regret over his role in the interruption of the documentation of the annual New York Panorama by When Steel Talks (WST) in 2014. Moreover, Mr. Howard invited the gathering of New York pan people to hold him “personally accountable” going forward. Now in his first year as president of the carnival organization, Howard admitted that errors have been made - but vowed that these errors would not be repeated in the future. He also maintained that the lines of communication between himself and the New York pan community would remain open, and that he was accessible to them.
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Well! ....it is about time that the authorities stand up and be accountable....it certainly augurs well for pan in New York


Finally some respect for pan.

Very impressed, it is a rare person that will publicly apologize, admit wrong and take responsibility for his actions. That it was done in person and not via written word is even more impressive.

Its Nice To Know that Mr. Howard has apologized, It takes a Big Man to do So. He appears to be Genuine with His Apology.. I accept His Apology and hope that He Stick to His Words.

Action speaks louder then words. Time will tell. For the good of all, I'm hoping

this meeting of the minds WORK !

Hell - here I am in the Caribbean not being able to make it to NY. Now only to find out that bad advise prevented WST from documenting 2014 Panorama. My opinion "WEAK PRESIDENT" Resign.

Have the people who misled Mr. Howard been fired?  It is good to see that Mr. Howard gave a public apology to WST and the pan community.

Aye Bugs, tell meh something, in 2014, in NY, the Pres. could not have made a decision about WST on his own without listening to other people?

I Commend  MR Howard for his Apology and I hope he keeps this side of his Face on, because we will be Listening and we will be Looking, Good Luck MR Howard. 


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