An Interview with E-Pan Inventor Salmon Cupid

An Interview with E-Pan Inventor Salmon Cupid
E-Pan TenorGlobal - The steelpan is the only acoustical instrument invented in the twentieth century. And arguably and similarly, the synthesizer is another major development in the music arena. Salmon E. Cupid has brought both the development of the steelpan and synthesizer together in the E-Pan, giving the steel panist the creative options. In a WST (When Steel Talks) exclusive, Mr. Cupid talks about the development of this invention.
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  • WORLD'S 1ST ELECTRONIC STEELPAN 6 BASS LAUNCHES  The e-volution continues!!!

  • As the beat goes on and on...  Salo's NEW E-Pan version 2 is catching fire!!!  Keep on keeping on bro!!!

  • Innovation of the pan journey continues Duvone "Stroke of Genius" Stewart CD Launch unabated... Flash Of Genius kindles the Stroke Of Genius... E-Pan Journey & Vision of Inventor Both doing their part for pan...

    • Take away the source of the music and the novelty for Trinidad and just listen to the music oblivious to the source and the music is quite ordinary and will NOT get air play here in America. Unless it is a Caribbean radio station. In other words, you will sell a few CDs in Trinidad and the Caribbean centers in North America but that will be the end of that.

      I want to hear some REAL M-U-S-I-C!!!

  • For better or worse, the need to find sustainable resources to feed the people if/when the oil runs out is being tackled.

    Interesting to note the tone.  'Power of pan lies in the passion of the people'  

    In their panel discussion on "The Future of the Steelpan" both managing editor of the T&T Review and Express columnist Sunity Maharaj and attorney Martin Daly made the point that the ultimate power of the national instrument lies in the hands of the people.

    Maharaj let participants know that the people of Trinidad and Tobago had to come to terms with pan.

    She said: "No crisscrossing of policies or acts of Parliament will help. Pan lies at the heart of the people and the ultimate responsibility for the national instrument resides in the hands of the people. We have to change our attitude, no amount of romanticism has kept back pan, no amount of money made pan survive. Pan survived out of a passion. The possessiveness that comes with the territory of pan must be examined.

    • We need to think big Bhoe at SteelFesTT:

      He also hoped that pan advocates will move beyond complaints and appreciate that while it is important to dream and envision the realm of possibility, only structured, well managed, organised processes which embrace practical actions and mould them into a functional system will turn possibility into opportunity and dreams into actuality.

      The minister continued, "The pan fraternity has every reason to be proud, look at what you have created out of nothing! Look at what you have achieved in spite of the reality which has surrounded the invention and development of pan, the creation of music and evolution of pan as a musical instrument and music of pan and music for pan. Think of what you have achieved.

      "I want to begin by suggesting that the first thing we must do is acknowledge that pan is a work in progress. It has taken us some time and the effort of many to get us here and we must continue the work perhaps more smartly and better propelled by knowledge and more competitively driven by innovation."

      Secondly, "We need an accurate, properly documented history of pan, there is too much old talk, false claims, romanticism and myth-making. We need to give tangible recognition to the pioneers of pan and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will do this with your help."

      Naming several pan pioneers, Tewarie said, "Who would deny that Tony Williams was one of the pioneering spirits in pan music? Pan is now ubiquitous and what the instrument can do cannot be circumscribed by a steelband format.

      "It is in this vein, we need to be happy that musicians in other countries are playing pan. We need to genuinely welcome foreign pannists and music lovers to our home, the home of pan—I mean genuinely welcome them so that Trinidad and Tobago will be recognised by all as the home of pan and will pay homage to pan here as we take steps to make Trinidad and Tobago the centre of a global music industry not limited to pan alone but with pan playing a central role."

      Tewarie: Govt rakes in $4b from creative industries ..$50m from music alone

      “If things like pan and mas are not seasonal in nature they can grow. If there is a more strategic link in a better organised fashion to international destinations and events they can grow and exports can grow,” he added. Tewarie said, if there are stronger knowledge elements and design elements built into product and service development the value added can be even more significant. “So there is growth potential here, but it is not just about size or about expansion.”

      “We have to think music. And when we think music we have to think theatrical productions, opera, motion picture, video and sound, software, databases, new media, literature, works of mas, radio and television, advertising services, copyright collective management services, photography, visual and graphic arts, professional and technical services, press.”

      • Just maybe, the tune is morphing...  The narrative is evolving and the need to rethink is getting more traction and making headway...  Soca is taking a different shape, so pan needs to adapt or risk missing the boat.

        Montano pushing for a soca industry

        Montano said, “We have been distracted by the oil and the gas and we are primarily an energy country. Look in the mirror. Let us constantly be our greatest critics. Let us constantly analyse where we are at and be honest. “This is something I wanted to say because I am a person who is always positively dissatisfied, meaning that I am constantly improving my product and I want to do that until the day I die, because it is who I am—to become a higher expression of who I am.”

        “We have to have a body and we have to have greater frequency of conversations like this and every time we have a conversation, we must hold ourselves accountable. “We must have some deliverables, we must have a timeline. We must set a plan for us to achieve these things. That’s how we will make progress.”



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