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An Interview with E-Pan Inventor Salmon Cupid
E-Pan TenorGlobal - The steelpan is the only acoustical instrument invented in the twentieth century. And arguably and similarly, the synthesizer is another major development in the music arena. Salmon E. Cupid has brought both the development of the steelpan and synthesizer together in the E-Pan, giving the steel panist the creative options. In a WST (When Steel Talks) exclusive, Mr. Cupid talks about the development of this invention.
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So along come Solomon
Gifted, Musical Ambassador from Trini Land
Doing all that he can,
To further our national instrument.. Pan
He is a man
Who always had this secret ambition
To transcend all cultural boundaries with his plan
And make Pan
Accessible to all musicians
So amidst great sacrifice as a young man
He thought out his invention
And created what we know today as the E-Pan
Put in the research time and investigation
And then register he Damm patent

So tell me again… who is Brian Copeland?????
That UWI club mentality again - killing Caribbean initiative as though it (UWI) has a monopoly on Caribbean scholarship.
The guitar was once solely an acoustic instrument. Had it not been electrified, would there have been a Jimmy Hendrix, a Santana, a Bo Hinkson?
Come on Caribbean, wake up to your own ingenuity. Are we forever going to struggle to survive with our 'crab in a barrel' mentality?
The E-pan is a Synthersizer in the shape of Steelpan Instruments, this was done with other instruments; the acoustic painos including guitars with key boards, technology has certainly caught-up to Pans. Thanks to Salmon.
This Interview was well done.It was good to see some of the links Mr. Cupid ans with I see where he is going with his answers.Now if Trinidad laps he could unload everything to some privite Americian Company and Trinidad lose out,They spending a lot of publict mony on the G pan and it seem to me that no one is going to buy that BIG THING the World is going smaller but they going BIGGER and for what I dont know.I have been following the e pan and it is making moves good work Mr. Cupid and his team.I look foward to whatever is to come.What about the phi?.
I played a Saxaphone, Pan flute and not blow on anything, I played pianos and strings, I played the E-pan. This Instrument is phenomenological for persons that specialises in steelpan artistry.
Thanks very much Salmon.



He should not take credit for G-Pan—Arnold


Without mincing words, former Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold says Prof Brian Copeland should not take credit for the G-pan innovation. But like other commentators Arnold was not prepared to comment on the financial aspect of the allegations. Arnold said: “As far as the PHI pan was concerned, I was not one to push it. T&T has come up with the instrument. We took an ordinary garbage drum and turned it into an instrument. It’s not a pan...it’s an electronic thing. This was out there as an e-pan.” Arnold refused to accept the G-pan as the future of pan. 

He added: “When you want to tell me it’s the future of pan, it is not a steelpan. I have a problem with that. You have to plug it in and do all kinds of craziness. Why push an electronic pan?”  He also knocked Copeland for claiming he invented it. Arnold added: “Now I’m hearing they didn’t invent it. Copeland is saying he invented it. That’s why I never approved of the whole thing.” Arnold said Tony Williams had come up with its design. “I objected when they were going to give him (Copeland) the highest award. I objected until Tony and Bertie Marshall were included. 

“Copeland is saying he invented it which is not so because I know there was one out there which is the G-pan. He is taking credit for things he didn’t do.” The G-pan features 37 notes instead of 29, three full octaves rather than the two and a half octaves of the traditional tenor and a 37th note is actually the first note of the fourth octave. On the monetary issues, Arnold said: “I am hearing he was selling the pan... I have to wait and see. I can’t comment. I don’t know about the financial aspect.”


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