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Andy Narell posted this in facebook

I just want to say thank you to all the players and to the entire Birdsong organization for a fantastic performance last night.  You did everything I asked and hoped for and you were awesome from the first play on the track to the last play on stage.   As I think you all know I didn't expect to win any points for the music, but I was shocked, baffled, and disappointed that the judges saw fit to dismiss such a great performance by the band.  They're entitled to their opinion.   I hope that you all realize what you achieved this Panorama season and will take that with you.  I wouldn't change a note of this piece and I couldn't have asked for a better performance.   Bravo!


Sorry Andy I'm not buying what you're selling. Did you really expect the judges to reward you for totally dissing Trinidad and Tobago music culture and tradition? Of course not. You used Birdsong to validate you and your weaknesses, like you use Trinidad All Stars a few years ago. And now some of the gullible public and those with their own agenda are walking around like fools screaming "Andy, Andy" and a band that has never won anything or placed in the finals in a decade is the subject of talk. This is exactly as you planned it. If you can't pass the exam, rewrite the questions to your liking. What a fraud and conman you are. You know your music is not good enough to compete in any panorama on any level. Quite frankly, you would not have qualified with Birdsong even in the small band category. Take a listen.

And one more thing, exactly who out of the bands that came ahead of you did you think you were better than?

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I agree with Andy posting, I knew that Andy music would not Qualify in the Panorama. Panorama is "jump and wave, run up and down the scale, fast tempo, plenty of noise,baccanal" that is what Panorama is all about, Andy style is different he should not change it, nobody asking boogzie, smooth or pouchet to change their style. If people think that Andy should stay away from Panorama. I would say yes, until Panorama is ready for him MUSICALLY, Keep on playing your style of music Andy

'until panorama is ready for him'?  Oh Please.

Even though this band is doing very well with its academy and their youngsters apparently have great training, lets be practical this is also a band that has not seen panorama finals in ten years, and when they did they came almost dead last on final night, player influx or not.  Wake up, 1- he did not write a piece suitable for panorama, 2- Narell is no Clive Bradley

Well said!

More than that...and this is what irks me with us panmen...for all the quality musicians that the Birdsong is turning out...why not give one of them a chance to step up as an arranger? But no...they have to win...they want somebody with experience...then take experience in yuh pweff'n...

So Bede are you saying Andy is ahead of panorama?


I thought I was the only one who surmised that Andy was taking subtle digs at the pan culture in TntT. Nothing against his style, but I 've lost a lot of respect -ever since he did that interview with Dalton Narine recently, he clearly was dissing all the arrangers.

No, Ian. As a matter of fact, his interview with Mr. Narine, exposed some spilled-over emotions from a letter I posted to him. That's why he made reference to the fact that is was "White" tuners coming to Trinidad to teach us our culture. And, of course, he chose to dismiss us as "protectionists". I am glad to see others like yourself are not being fooled, and can read between the lines. (Stay tuned for the whole story.)


I am going to open the can of worms!!! When it comes to PAN Trinidadians are extremely paranoid and protective; they think that every foreigner who looks at a PAN wants to teef it. The Trinidad tuners came to America and broke their fingers to make pans and sell them for a few dollars more -- to the Americans and the Europeans . But once the American buys the PAN he is not supposed to play it. If he does he is accused of TEEFING THE PAN. Or some other scullduggery that you guys are alluding to with Andy.

Anybody knows how and when Andy got involved in PAN? Now, I did not like that song (THE LAST WORD) as a Panorama song or any calypso related song for that matter because I do not like composers (especially foreigners) mixing LATIN into my calypso. But Trinidadians cannot shackle the PAN to Trinidad any more because the same jumbie that made it acceptable (against all odds) in Trinidad done grab it and going across the globe with it and redefining its use and expression AS TIME GOES BY and as nation goes by.

(Anybody ever listen to REGGAE from Hawaii?)

I am sure that the man who invented the piano did not invent it to play calypso; but the piano (like the pan) just took on a life of its own and crossed the globe and nobody accuses a Trindadian of teefing the piano when he buys and plays one.


So grow up folks. This 2013!!!

Mr. Dika

You have issues. Your posting has so much hate. I respect a man for his different opinions but what you posted had so much contempt For Andy Narell. What he wrote was meant to uplift the sprits of the players, alot of whom are youngsters, it's sad you did'nt or refuse to see that. 

I know this GENTLEMAN and he is nothing as you portraied. His music was very refreshing to hear after Allstars and Silver Stars. The other arranger whose music was sadly overlooked or cast aside was Zanda.

I am disappointed that after Andys experience with Skiffle Bunch he came back with the same music.

And if I am right Mr. Marcelle you are one of the biggest fools of all time. You are a child in a big man's game. You know absolutely nothing about the business of music.  Andy is all about business. Come back when you learn what you need to know so you can sound intelligent. In the mean time Andy will continue to insult you and laugh at you without you having a clue.

Andy is no Zanda.

If want to listen to an outside musician who has something real to offer, check out Gary Gibson. He is a vastly superior musician to Andy Narell.

What kind of record sales does Zanda have?


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