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Answering the question of jazz being the best genre to promote the pan - It's not !


I firmly believe we've got to find a way for our beloved art-form to attract youth , not only in the Caribbean and it's diaspora , but worldwide.
For those who believe jazz , or classical genres are a way of promoting pan today , consider this.

Jazz Has Become The Least-Popular Genre In The U.S.

BY DAVID LA ROSA | MAR 9, 2015, 10:54 AM
Has jazz become America’s least-popular genre?According to Nielsen‘s 2014 Year-End Report, jazz is continuing to fall out of favor with American listeners and has tied with classical music as the least-consumed music in the U.S., after children’s music.Both jazz and classical represent just 1.4% of total U.S. music consumption a piece.
However, Classical album sales were higher for 2014, which puts Jazz at the bottom of the barrel.This continues an alarming trend that has seen more and more listeners move away from jazz every year.
Album sales have long been a key measure of the popularity of individual genres, and year after year jazz album sales continue to fall.In 2011, a total of 11 million jazz albums (CD, cassette, vinyl, & digital) were sold, according to BusinessWeek. This represents 2.8% of all music sold in that year. "continued..." 

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Glenroy: You and I DO NOT AGREE on ANYTHING.


So ah going and take a DRINK on your behalf -- even though it is only TEN O' CLOCK in THE MORNING!!!

Now we are beginning to try to chart a course based on data. The information on Jazz is enlightening. But here are a few more questions we need to consider.

  1. Recorded music is only one niche and does not necessarily represent trends in the entire industry.
  2. The market has moved away from album sales to downloads of audio and video.
  3. Is jazz losing market share in a specific demographic or demographics?
  4. What genre has replaced jazz and how is it sold and consumed.
  5. What new trends can be identified?
  6. Can we identify and quantify niche markets for MUSIC played on PAN?

Some of this information may be available in published research. Obviously, PanTrinbago cannot pay for the necessary research. Here are a few ideas to kickstart the process.

  • PanTrinbago approach MusicTT and make a case for the necessity to collect data to guide the industry.
  • We have a number of professionals who are operating in the export markets. Try to get some initial information from them. They are living the business every day. Bring some of them home for a meeting. That should not cost a lot of money.
  • MusicTT could immediately start thinking about ways and means to implement such a project.
    Don't forget we have Trade staff in some of our embassies who could give some valuable help.

OK, I am off of my soapbox for now.

PAN : The instrument(s) will survive and grow in global popularity; as the saxaphone, piano or guitar. They are musical instruments incorporated as a collective to create band or orchestra music.

PAN :  As in the music of a Steel orchestra is a much,much harder sell to a global audience. The reason can be easily explained by the very unique nature of the instruments and the very high resonant sound of rubber on tempered steel. We know that even people born and raised in the steelband culture have problems sometimes following pan music. The frustration over the non global success of steel orchestra music will continue, for these obvious reasons.

So I continue to say; put the emphasis on promoting the instrument(s). Every music band in T&T must incorporate at least one pan instrument. Whether you playing soca, chutney, ragga or whatever, include some form of pan. Machel, are you listening.

Promote the national instrument(s) the rest will follow.


The Last Word / Andy Narell Steel Orchestra Pan Note Magic

Birdsong Steel Orchestra, "The Last Word," Panorama 2013

BTW my friends . this doesn't detract from the fact that the jazz genre is a natural for the pan and one of the best at demonstrating the beauty and versatility of the instrument.

However ,we are talking about the genre from a business and growth standpoint.

And , people , do read the article before commenting.

The term "album" is used , but the author also includes modern means of distributing music like streaming and downloading , and the article contains stats that can be easily verifiable.

The fact remains that jazz music doesn't have the appeal it once had , particularly among youth.

Unless we think the future of the art-form lies with elderly folk ( like myself) we need to find modern music to display the instrument , music that has youth appeal. 

According to the author , the popularity of jazz today falls behind children's music.

Imagine that !

We may as well be playing nursery rhymes !

I often wonder how some of the youth paid by YouTube become millionaires without proper training in marketing or business education, they are able to get kids across the GLOBE to pay ATTENTION/VIEW online 24/7 365. While others sell access for views as entertainment value. The time has come for a new business model PROMOTING PAN. 

"A thorough 2014 Ministry of Culture study describes pan lovers as “an aging population, many of whom are now middle aged and retirees.” Even those youth who play pan are often motivated mainly by the possibility of earning some money; their friends do not support them and after a few years, once they settle into stable jobs, they leave the Panyard forever. This problem, therefore, is one of succession."

Comment by Kim Johnson on May 5, 2019 at 2:08pm

A LOOK outside de PAN Ting...interesting interview by Lee 'Scratch' Perry at the start of this Megamix

Jazz Reggae (Mandis Megamix)


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