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Aquil Arrindell speaks on the current Pan players situation in Trinidad and Tobago

Let me brake down the Pan players mathematics for you.

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Aquil: I want to be fair about this!!! Don't make my check out for $670.00. Make my check out for $666.66!!!


And YOU SHOULD call the names of all the CURRENT EXECUTIVES who were advocating for PAYING THE PAN PLAYERS before they became a part of THE EXECUTIVE but now they rather spend $6,000,000 (SIX MILLION DOLLARS) to produce a MEDIUM BAND FINAL IN TOBAGO than to PAY THE PAN PLAYERS in TRINIDAD!!!

THIS WHOLE Tobago Panorama is asinine. I was in favor of Mrs. Ramsey-Moore taking the helm of Pan Trinbago but now I am having second thoughts. Not because you from Tobago, you have to advocate to have the finals in Tobago for the Medium bands. That money could have been spent in much better ways to enhance the pan exposure and giving the pan community a little more help, especially the unsponsored bands. 6 million could be spent astutely, however in the hands of people who are hellbent on destroying the culture like Gypsy and his disastrous North Park, now Ramsey-Moore and her Tobago Panorama finals. The average tourist visiting Trinidad for the carnival will be the looser like Me. I am not going to buy an airplane ticket to Trinidad for Carnival to then spend my party money to buy another ticket to Tobago and pay expensive hotel prices for accommodation plus pay to see the pan, then chances they will be a bottleneck trying to return to Trinidad.
We all remembered the disaster it was when the Panorama finals were moved to SanFernando during the Queen’s Park renovations. Mark my words this is a disaster in the making.
Silly just silly. Bring back the Zonal finals, so the south bands could have a chance of winning something. That’s where the 6 million could have been spent.

Thanks WST for reposting my live. It took me by surprise but it shows me that my voice is still important to the pan community. 

Thanks Claude for your support.

And thanks RP for your honest view on the EY report.

Mr. Maitland, I am too, not in support of the move. To me it is more of a National political move than something that would benefit the pan community.

I can also see, if not well executed, it could be disastrous.

But bands chose our current president to lead so we have to, as much as possible, support her because her failures affect us all.

But in defence of my president (a term I use to address all sitting presidents) , I would not blame her, I would blame the membership. She held a series of meetings with band leaders in different categories and they sat down and agreed to put panorama in Christmas and in Tobago. Therefore if the band leader cool with that let's not blame the president.      

Band leaders have to grow some balls and stop sitting in meetings, not saying what they don't like, make all the executives, past and present, stick theirs down their throat and when the band leaders gather outside, they start complaining and bad talking the president. 

WHAT Aquil?

How could you lump money allocated to pay players with assistance to bands and appearance fee?

Is that the way Diaz taught you?

Was Diaz your math and accounts teacher too?

Aquil, the odor of intent of this "live" is offensively pungent.

Pan Times, your choice of subject for this discussion is dissapointing  

Aquil Arrindell speaks on the current Pan players situation in Trin...

I am still trying to figure out HOW you came up with this subject for this discussion.

BELOW, I TOOK THE TIME TO DOCUMENT THE MOST IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE AQUIL MADE IN HIS DISCOURSE. Towards the end of his live video, while articulating "AQUILNOMICS', Mr Arrindell indicated that, and I quote him verbatim,


Lordy......hmm...fire on de mountain

Gregory Lindsay, it is painfully unfortunate that Mr. Claude Gonzales continues to "Chook Aquil's Fire" with the mantra that "Aquil didn't teef".

Mr. Gonzales is encouraging Aquil to believe that he was given "Sweetie Money ($262 000 TTD)" as hush money, and it was Diaz who stole as Aquil continues to articulate in his live narrative.

Aquil, should know that the neutrality of the studio script is universally more acceptable. 


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