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Are members of the OPINION,if DUPRES was President,Pantrinbago would be DEPT FREE, SELF SUFFICIENT with no $$$ owing to Pan Players after one YEAR in OFFICE?

After one year in office, would Pantrinbago be in a better state of affairs if Dupres was the PRESIDENT of Pantrinbago? Your OPINION MATTERS to all who wants to see PAN with good MUSIC, VIDEO , AUDIO, VISION and IDEAS coming from the MECCA OF PAN. PANORAMA should not be the yearly heights  PAN reaches in the MECCA, We have brilliant thinking members like Claude, Bugs, MTTB, Ramdoo,Cecil, Providence and many more too numerous to mention telling us whats wrong and the right way to make things right in the MECCA of PAN to reach highter hights Locally and Globally. Are we listening or just waiting every year for Panorama and not trying for PAN to reach the STARS or let a Foreign Country do it for us and then COMPLAIN?

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I do not believe that under Mr. Duprey's leadership significant transformation may have been possible within the given time frame. His capacity to negotiate debt forgiveness, and/or raise capital towards debt liquidation may have been possible as has been suggested. I do not know. 

I do not believe that Pan Trinbago's business is producing any of the following . 

  • music
  • videos,
  • audio

Although I believe that what they produce and disseminate must not be substandard. 

VISION and IDEAS I believe is Pan Trinbago's business as much as we may want to make it our business on this discussion forum sometimes.

Liquidation of Pan Trinbago's debt may be a burden that the general membership inadvertently must bear.

Pan Trinbago's mandate as described in their constitution is already being fulfilled globally without any input from the organization. The hard work has already been done. Public and External Relations initiatives are critical.

The organization must play a more important role in the development of educational tools, and in branding, marketing, research and development where benchmarks are defined and scheduled. But panorama takes up so much executive time, that it may be impossible to get anything significant done in one term in office. Continuity should be demanded and enforced by the membership for programs and projects that benefits the entire membership. 

This is my contribution to this interesting discussion that you have started Mr. Earl Richards.

earl richards, we have to give props to the new executive of Pan Trinbago, they are trying new things, unpopular to most but they step out brave. I really believe what happens here in the forum help to keep the dialogue going. In the end all of us want what's best for the art-form.

MR. EARL RICHARDS: Suppose that in October of 2018 you were put in charge of selecting a PRESIDENT for PAN TRINBAGO. (Just supposin' -- now ah only supposin')  And BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE came into the interview room and showed you her RESUME and told you all about her plans to REBUILD PAN TRINBAGO and shift the 2020 PANORAMA to TOBAGO and to have the PAN PLAYERS PLAY for FREE in 2019 and 2020.

And then MR, LAWFORD DUPRES came in and showed you his RESUME and told you about his connections to THE GOVERNMENT and SOCIAL CIRCLES and CORPORATE TRINIDAD. And then he went on to tell you if he is hired that within 30 days the PNM will give him THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS to start digging PAN TRINBAGO out of the KEITH DIAZ HOLE.

And since MR. LAWFORD DUPRES is a REAL TRINIDADIAN, he reaches over to you and tells you: This is off the record MR. RICHARDS -- but my candidacy is being backed by the ruling government (PNM) and I have a direct line all the way up to the top and by the top I mean PRIME MINISTER ROWLEY. On the other hand MR. RICHARDS if you select BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE instead of me, PAN PLAYERS will real suffer because she has political ambitions that are at odds with the RULING PARTY and she is going to get starved for FUNDING. As a matter of fact, they will not even let PAN in the upcoming 2019 CARIFESTA is she is selected.

MR. EARL RICHARDS: Who would you have hired after conducting those two interviews? And keep in mind that MR. LAWFORD DUPRES was a HIGH LEVEL EXECUTIVE with LOCAL and GLOBAL CONNECTIONS. And also add that he was an INTERNATIONAL PAN PIONEER for DECADES!!!

Earl, look RUSSELL PROVIDENCE precis down the answer with 7 words: "Public and External Relations initiatives are critical."

And BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE does not have a CLUE in that direction!!!

Claude: Anybody in their right mind, after reading your reply above and wants to see Pantrinbago achieve great success and transparency would heir the Person with the better connections. But on the other hand would that have been a GUARANTEE that after one year in office things would have been better off or the same old KHAKI PANTS? 


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