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Leason Jacobs  Commentary

Yesterday at 12:25 AM ·

Listening to the single pan semi finals, and one thing I must say..the hitters are literally HITTING the fackin instruments..fellas alyuh over doing this shit now man, I love listening to the sound of OUR national instrument but alyuh have them sounding like garbage cans man..Alyuh real get meh vex this hour inno..Shit!!!!!!!
Have a good night ---  Leason Jacobs 

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I have found that the ones that "band on the pan" will deal with the consequences where "judges" are concerned.  Those that "play on the pan" will also benefit the same way.  

One of the subtle observations I am making is the SLOW MATURITY of the STEELBAND SUPPORTERS. It's surprising (to me, at least) to see PAN LOVERS bringing some OBJECTIVITY to THE MUSIC!!!

It would be nice to look into the OUTER UNIVERSE and see where this PAN TING will be in 50 YEARS!!!

OBAMA implied that he LIVED 20 years  before his POLITICAL TIME; and I am thinking that I LIVED 50 years before my PAN TIME!!!

With all my respect to the pan players in T'n'T I like it like that :

Seems there are two schools of thought. Playing the pan vs beating the pan. I, for one, prefer to play the pans rather than beating them. When you play the instrument, you do so with a degree of love for it. On the other hand, beating the pan, requires a certain level of brute force, with the attention directed to self, instead of the beauty of the music coming from this amazing instrument. Granted, the Panorama competition compels competing bands adopt a worrier type mode, and they automatically come out beating the pans as such, and that is acceptable. In any other situation, however, playing the pans, should be way to go. It is a beautiful instrument. If you have any love for it at all, you would play it with love and tenderness. Nothing is more pleasing than the sweet sounds of a steelpan played beautifully and with graceful gentle strokes of the sticks, from the hands of a good player.

That gets to the heart of it.

Here's the thing. When asked to do a slow piece, they PLAY the pan. When asked to do a fast(calypso) piece, they tend to bang on the pans. Education is the key, they must be taught to differentiate between soft and fast, loud(give/take) and slow.

That is so true.

We have 2 bring back d steelpan music festival only then will present day panmen understand that fast passages can b played softly, bcause d music will demand it

When I came up, many of the tuners used to warn young players not to beat the pan hard, because they would be back sooner than later to have it re-tuned, hmm...

Firstly boogers builds his tension on a very high standard.Teach these guys to plays musical passages not just up and down a scale. Go by boogers, Robbie, Jason, ray, or even Andre and Kareem, or Dougie for lessons story telling not nursery rhymes

Back in 1961, if you did not learn how to treat your instrument properly in Invaders' yard, the elders would take your sticks and tell you to leave … and don't come back!

Ron Emrit


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