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Are we waiting for small bands semis to continue the attack on Bev,Pantrinbago,Audit,Vee Pee,Players $$$ One band per player,Wait Bev wait Bev Wait.,

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Any TIME is Trinidad TIME...

So you didn't know that we have to wait till after Carnival to continue discussing Pan?...And by then the only thing people want to hear is who shoulda win and which band the judges teef for... People not interested in we and we INTEGRITY one bit...Ah introduce that word into Cecil's Facebook discussion...So far one man in agreement...Nobody ent challenge meh yet...

merrytonestothebone: YOU HAVE NO INTEGRITY!!!

One time you came on THIS FORUM and said that YUH DONE WITH THIS PANORAMA TING and how yuh going and TAKE CARE OF YOUR GRAND CHILDREN.

Now, instead of KEEPING YOUR WORD -- yuh on THIS FORUM worrying up yuhself because BEVERLEY LIE and because CRACKSHOTS invade THE PANORAMA like ILLEGAL MEXICANS on the CALIFORNIA BORDER.

But ah forgiving yuh for that -- because I like to read your commentary!!!

To mimic your style of expression: Wha' INTEGRITY have to DO WITH THE PANORAMA CRACKSHOT HUSTLER$$$!!!

Wha kind hard hard question you asking me this hot January day? Claude, it doh have one Trini man alive that never had a tabanka in he life...Including me..."Ah have a Tabanka Ha!...Steelband Tabanka"...

Good observation, Earl Richards!!!

But that almost-a-month BREAK (some people does mix up BREAK with BRAKE -- and "BRAKE" was going to be the better choice of word here) between the PRELIMS and CHRISTMAS and NEW YEARS really kill the Small Band PANORAMA MOMENTUM.

So the SEMI-FINALS  are upon us and like NOBODY DOH CARE.

What an ill-conceived decision by YOUR PAN TRINBAGO EXECUTIVE to put this competition in THAT TRADITIONAL SEASON.

But then again, is BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE who is LARGE and IN CHARGE -- so what yuh expect?

Now ah going and finish the whole damn CALYPSO BOUT BEVERELY ....


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