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It seems a to me that when it comes to getting a sponsor for your band it is who you know rather than what the band can do for the sponsor.

A band like Pan elders cant secure a sponsors interest after winning panorama so much times, and a band that is on the scene not long lets look at super novas has a good sponsor,

These bands need to try and see what they are doing wrong in getting a sponsor.

Now local businesses can help bands also, lets say a shop in the are sponsors food for 2 weeks a next drinks another transportation another a rack or 5 gallon of paint it will go along way. 

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In the Mecca who yuh know goes a long way.

Cecil: That is why SANDRA AWAII was the RIGHT PERSON to stay in the PRO JOB!!!


 Panorama is about large bands. Sponsorship is about large bands. The rest doh matter.

 Well said. I agree

Orvis Noel


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