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Newsday January 18th, 2019

Gary Cardinez

THE most popular song for 2019 Carnival Hookin Meh by Darryl Farmer Nappy Henry has become a sort of “test piece” for Conventional Large bands in Panorama.

Five bands, led by defending champions BPTT Renegades will be playing Hookin Meh; very early arranger Duvone Stewart and the management and players chose the song as a leading contender. They waited a bit to hear other songs before making it the tune of choice.

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Qrenegades & Farmer Nappy for the win in "Farmer-Rama"!!!

Big move by Buccooneers and I applaud them for that. I always welcome these actions and view them as victories for the steelpan community. Supernovas move in its short time of existence, from Small to Large, spoke volumes for me at that time. Pan Knights merging back with Harmonites was also happy news for me and Tokyo being able to enter the Panorama once again after losing their sponsor, I interpret as victories in and of themselves.The successful transition from Single Pan to Concventional by Serenaders, LH Pan Groove and now Defence Force have not gone unnoticed.

Congratulations to all the bands I mentioned above.

2018 Panorama Finals (on d track) NLCB Buccooneers (4th place)

Since "HOOKIN MEH" is likely to be (going to be?) the winning PANORAMA SONG -- I would like to see THE THREE NEW YORK ARRANGERS and SKIFFLE win the PANORAMA ... after all, they are going to have THE BEST MUSIC.

Claude I can safely say SKIFFLE panorama 2019, also ran.

I'll remember that Claude.

Well, AllStars going with the Sister song "So Long" by Nadia Batson. It is a little bit more melodic than Hooking Meh... I say AllStars have it in the bag 2019

Martin Maitland, So Long fit All Stars style, they could be dangerous, another thing they have going is, they alone playing that song   Excitement start..


Cecil: Make up yuh mind nah!!! Ah thought yuh was  A BOOGSIE MAN and A DUVONE STEWART MAN!!!


I'm also a ZANDA man.

Fantastic Song

Claude, I an all singing this song already, as it brought some great Carnival vibes to me, doused with what I think Pan arrangers can do.I can feel the fervour of the competition and the happiness!  I sure have to hold on to my seat!  Wow!


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