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"Big People Party" by Farmer Nappy a Rip Off of "Big People Party" by Teddyson John???

With so many steel orchestras performing "Big People Party" for the Summer and many of them considering it for their 2014 Panorama Tune of Choiceit is time to consider whose song is it?

Check out the 2012 version by Teddyson John of St. Lucia - according to Teddyson - written at his home in 2012 with Trinidadian Calypsonian Kurt Allen (the hook was created by Teddyson).

Now Listen to Farmer Nappy's 2014 version written by Ghostwriters below. You be the judge....

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This is a clear case of copy right infringement. They are the same tunes. 

The only thing that is the same is the name of the tune. Everything else is different. There is no copyright infrigment.

The Chorus sound the same,

More info on this in the Guardian from January:


The chorus is definitely similar but everything else is different.


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