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bugs: You started a GOOD PROJECT. We could compile a list of 20 EXPATS who TOOK PAN TO THE WORLD!!!

So far we have YOUR THREE and ONE from WHEN STEEL TALKS. I am adding SALAH WILSON and Robert Greenidge and Lawford Dupres and Ken Lawrence and Courtney Leiba!!!. Merrytonestothebone added Rudy Smith and Othello Molineaux and Sonny Blacks and Salmon Cupid and Tommy Crichlow and Liam Teague and Dawn batson!!! odw is adding Km Loy Wong!!! Earl Richards added Hugh Borde!!! Stokley Taylor added by Aquil Arrindell!!!

Russell Henderson in the UK

Rudy King in America 

Leonard Turner in Aruba

Dudley Smith in The Bahamas

Salah Wilson in Canada

Rudy Smith in Europe

Othello Molineaux (More Background) in America and Europe

Sonny Blacks   (More Background) in the UK

Robert Greenidge (More Background) in America

Tommy Crichlow (More Background) in Canada

Kim Loy Wong in America

Salmon Cupid in Canada

Liam Teague in America

Dawn Batson in America

Hugh Borde (More Background) in America

Courtney Leiba (More Background) in Australia

Stokley Taylor in Sweden

Lawford Dupres in Canada (To be updated)

Ken Lawrence in America (To be updated)

Brenda Hosang (To be updated)

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Not sure what criteria is being used. Can you elaborate ?

That's a good question, Mr. Dupres. I see this as an idea in its embryonic stages waiting to be developed from input by the GLOBAL COMMUNITY. From my perspective, the criteria would be how much REGIONAL EXPOSURE did the "EXPAT" deliver for the PAN (I know that is subjective). And that word EXPAT is a bit shaky here (which made YOU cross my mind -- but I will get back to that later).

For example, if I had to put that book together (and I am "the wrongest person in the world" to do that project) I would use a measurement that I witnessed PERSONALLY and then try to quantify the contributions of others -- based on what I have read about them -- compared to my CALIFORNIA EXPERIENCE. Bear in mind that I am not looking to pick the GREATEST CONTRIBUTORS. I will be looking to pick EXPATS whom I thought made a great contribution around the world and whose story and effort seemed to suggest a fair amount of EXPOSURE for THE INSTRUMENT.

I would include PATRICK ARNOLD and KEN LAWRENCE because I am a witness to the EXPOSURE that they have given PAN in CALIFORNIA or should I say the WEST COAST. Now, to call PATRICK ARNOLD an EXPAT is a bit of a stretch -- but it is not a perfect world.

By the same token, when I put up this posting last night, you came to my mind because from time to time I have read about your GLOBAL CONTRIBUTIONS in EXPOSING PAN and you are definitely NOT AN EXPAT. But you could be matched against others in the selection process and it may make sense to include it in the BIG PICTURE.

So I would cross a few lines here and there. I would consider LIAM TEAGUE and  WHEN STEEL TALKS if I was influencing that project in any way. That is a book that I am sure that I could put together (one way or another) but by nature I am too polemic and too acerbic and too critical of the failed effort by the LOCALS  to promote the PAN GLOBALLY -- to stay on course and present an objective argument.

A lot of the material is already written. The story just has to have a SPINE and a compelling narrative -- it just cannot be a LIST OF NAMES. And it means that you would have to read and re-read about FIFTY GOOD STORIES to select the ones that seem to TELL THE BEST TALE.

I think that somebody like CECIL HINKSON could come on and tell his story of his association with SALAH WILSON over the decades in MONTREAL and it could offer some direction in terms of where we want to go.

I am I going to go back and read/re-read the five stories suggested above and see what IMPACT I get from each one and if they match my vision of how this story could be told.

Thanks for the feedback. My memories would go back to the 50's and later, so if you find a collater/author for the book I'd be able to make a small contribution to the records. Good luck with the project!

Rudy Smith @ Stallet - Världens Musik

Steel pan master Rudy Smith and his quintet plays double bass player Lasse Lundströms composition 'Vindarna på Ribersborg' during the release concert of compilation record 'What pan did for me' @ Stallet - A World of Music April 22, 2015

The Araya Orta Latin Jazz Quartet; Featuring Othello Molineaux - In a Sentimental Mood

Othello Molineaux best known as acclaimed jazz steelpan player for Weather Report is featured on this rendition of "In a Sentimental Mood, written by Duke Ellington. On January 14th, 2016 at UM Frost School of Music Othello was joined by The Araya Orta Latin Jazz Quartet to celebrate Carlomagno Araya's 2nd Doctoral Recital.

odw: If I did this project I would feature both YOU and GLENROY JOSEPH in the book. Because the whole emphasis will be on EXPATS who exposed STEELBAND MUSIC to THE WORLD. And it does have to be restricted to just PLAYING THE INSTRUMENT.

SHOWCASING the music and making it accessible night and day is as great a contribution as anybody can make!!!

let the members , make their suggestion and you can pick some of the suggwesions, I suggest  Leslie Jordan, he have a great knoweledg of the now famous 4ths and 5ths,



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