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Cecil: Ah man from quite ARIMA call me and tell me that I RIDING ON RUSSELL PROVIDENCE COATTAILS with my ideas.

Could you believe that, CECIL!!!


But I never claimed insight into that arena. My argument has always been about GLOBAL PAN MUSIC and FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR PAN PLAYERS.

CECIL: As long as I have been on THIS FORUM, you really think that I have to look for OPINIONS ON PAN from others the way PROFESSOR PHILMORE had to copy musical ideas from others?

Not me, CECIL!!!

I hold myself to be a PIONEER when it comes to MUSICAL IDEAS for GLOBAL AUDIENCES.

Cecil: Tell MARCUS ASH and BEVERLEY RAMSEY-MOORE if they want to know what aspect of PAN MUSIC appeals most to FOREIGN AUDIENCES .. CALL ME!!!

HINT: It is NOT PANORAMA MUSIC -- unless you are AN EXPAT!!!

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Claude, they have this attitude in the Mecca that Expats doh know anything about what's happening in the pan world, that's why the guy from Arima saying yuh riding on Russel coattails. Little do they know that it's they themselves that rush to share on social media what's going on.

Claude! How u want Cecil to defend you when Arima man say u riding a Man (back) Ah mean COATTAILS, LONDON can.t handle that.

Dear Mr. Earl Richards,

please keep yuh bullerman lyrics and tendencies fuh yourself an yuh bullerman circle I detest bullermen, because I believe that a man (and woman) kakahole is for shit tuh come out, and not tuh take prick, quote me on that, an doh try tuh ride my back.


Pan Trinbago's #1 Fan.

earl richards, I have to support meh pardner here, you know is years he beggin for some music, but like no body in the Mecca takin him on, I think he should start talkin to Andy, we need some Andy music to cool down tings.

Mighty Sparrow - Since He Done Dey ( Leave it Dey)

Stephen Sheppard
4 years ago (edited)
This is a sensitive, well crafted calypso.


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