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CECIL HINKSON: I have a deal for you!!! As long as I stay on THIS FORUM I will never call Beverley's name again!!!

Ingrid: That goes for you too. We get banned from calling Beverley Name!!!

But I spend 40 years in FOREIGN supporting PAN and I have PLENTY TOPICS.

Plus I eh come to TRINIDAD on NO BOAT so I see the PAN TING up close and personal for decades.


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Ingrid: Check out this Calypso!!!

Write about your neighbor's wife

Write about yuh own sex life

Ingree babee

Take it from me

no politics bare

Dem fellahs DOH want to hear ...

Claude!!! This Calypso will be more to your thinking and messessing about the past Pantrinbago administrations. 

Claude, I don't want you to impose all that stress on yourself, you can say whatever you want about Beverley, all I ask is that you be respectful.

Claude, that's so funny.

In any event, everything that I have said is true.  I haven't seen XXX doing anything constructive so far .... and it has been two weeks since XXX election.

Ha ha ha...

Well Claude, you and Ingrid can use the name - "Madam President". That would be quite acceptable.



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