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I think that Panorama Format should be changed. Instead of having the Finals for Medium & Large  Bands which is too long and drawn out. They should allow only Large Bands who will Play Two [2] Pieces like how it is done in the Festival. Tune of Choice and a  Test Piece Calypso Piece for like six minutes, it will save a lot of time. Judge both pieces and add both scores and the highest score become Panorama Champion..

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Randi: I thought it was ME ALONE!!!

"As far as pan songs are concerned the majority are recorded by people who can't sing and they're all the same infantile lyrics. Musically they're childish."

I don't know when Bede and Cecil will wake up and FACE THE MUSIC!!!




Claude, I don't listen to their voices or the Lyrics, I listen to the Music, Chord structure

randi, the reason  you cannot play on other people's pans isn't necessarily due to them not being standardized. Even if it's the exact same note configuration as in, say, a circle of fifths D-tenor, that's not the point.

Once you practice on 'your' pan for weeks on end, you know its particulars.  After weeks of repetition, the hands' and wrists' muscle memories know the precision of every millimeter of that pan, where each note's sweet spot is, which ones need a lighter touch, which ones need a firmer strike, where you must flick or twist your wrist to exact the full value of each individual note. No matter how closely pans are made to a standard, each one still has very slight differences, and one millimeter's variance can make a HUGE difference in the execution, note value, and sound. In competition you have to be sure - there can be no looking down or 'thinking' about where  your hands are - you gotta let your hands fly and not think about it; the only way to do that is to know your pan intimately. It might be OK to do for a relaxed performance, but ain't NOBODY would ever agree to playing another panside's instruments in Panorama competition.

You guys are saying Liam is not a good Panorama arranger. . The question is what makes a good panorama arranger. The answer is all the arrangements and improv is in his head and he has to have tha talented pan players to help him bring it all together . If his player are mediocre , then it's obvious he will fail in getting his ideas across and might have to do something more simple. When Bobby won in1967 , he had the players and the ideas in his head to get it perfected. His style was unique and you could recognize it as soon as you heard it you knew it was Csvaliers . Unlike now all those big name arrangers, they sound alike to me . TT has a lot of Talent why do they have to have a big name arranger who lives away come to Tt , pay him big bucks when you can take someone who lives there . Give the young guys a chance , that's all they need. Who knows maybe an unknown like a young Bobby Mohammed
Will step up to the plate and hit a Grand Slam . Blessings.
Regarding cutting down on the time to end Panorama at a decent time. I think a revolving stage with one band on each side already set up to go as soon as the other band is done. Another option would be two separate stages with the spotlight on the performing band and switch vice versa as they do at big events when there more than two bands performing . This will cut down on all the set up waiting time . It wlll cost the committee a lot of money to implement this. No big deal , they make a lot of money. Blessings.

Mr. Curvan, all bands using the same pans would never be a reality and also will NOT save any time but can take much more time. Here are some reasons. 1 All bands do not set up their pans the same way or with the same placements. 2. According to the arrangement(s) some arrangers will want more of certain pan next to others as they may play certain parts together and the shifting and moving around of pans will take longer than a band rolling onto the stage. 3. bands rolling onto the stage have their racks numbered and geographic,(some are visible),so they come on knowing which rack(s) will face west or south and who plays next to whom. 4 hard hitting players will move some of the notes on some pans, some will do it deliberately, knowing that a big challenger is coming after them to use the pans on stage,some pans with the excitement will also fall off the rack.

5.Bands will want their tuner to check the pans before they start to make sure the play field is level. 6.The tone of the pans will not suit all bands based on their musical arrangements. That is a thought that lacks practical application or existence.

Mr. Dayal.As you are aware, panorama is held in front of the grand stand. Some bands go with 120 players with a ratio such as 30tenors;10 double tenors;15 double seconds;10double guitars; 10 treble guitars;10 four cellos;25 bass(this includes nine basses) and 10engine room. With that spread on a revolving stage and to have two of them, the other will have to be "in Belmont or by All Saints Church." That system has worked at NAPA with stage sides performing and may work in countries where panorama bands are 20 to 50 players....not here or in this lifetime.

Judge ten bands playing their tune and let people go home.

Thanks mr. Clarke , that's what the word RENOVATION means this CAN be accomplished , they just have to make a major Transformation . I don't know if you remember the old Piarco Airport , I do . If they were thinking the same as you are we would still have it today. It's time they transformed the Grand Stand , with the right Planners and Designers it certainly can have a revolving stage but they have to spend Millions but I live in Canada and unless the people of TT like going home at 2 am , well then it's fine as it is. Sam Cooke sang a Change is Gonna Come and in my opinion it's long overdue for Panorama . Blessings.


That change you talk about ain't gonna come. simply for the reasons Mr Clarke gave.

I remember the old airport Winston Daval (alias Gons), they left out the waving gallery.

Mr. Dayal, the reality is that you live in a first world country vs those of us who live in one heading for 4th world status (if we eh there yet).. we have more debt/ death (41 murders so far for January)..... I see you point, it ain't happening....not here..500 million for 2x4 NAPA how much for your good idea?... we paid over a billion for our "new airport" which is not as large or developed as terminal 3 up by you.....nuff said.


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