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I think that Panorama Format should be changed. Instead of having the Finals for Medium & Large  Bands which is too long and drawn out. They should allow only Large Bands who will Play Two [2] Pieces like how it is done in the Festival. Tune of Choice and a  Test Piece Calypso Piece for like six minutes, it will save a lot of time. Judge both pieces and add both scores and the highest score become Panorama Champion..

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Its very unfair to have the Stars of the Panorama Finals the Large Bands appearing on Stage at 2.30am when their Players are Tired and Sleepy also the Patrons and Judges. Does this really make sense. There are also a lot of Kids Playing in those Large Bands.. Mentally and Physically its unfair. As I said before. This is not Soca Monarch. Let Good Sense Prevail.

Val ...I am not in disagreement with you on the quality of the show and the length ..I was addressing another issue which came up in the discussion concerning the viability of the small and medium bands.

I agree that the show has to be better packaged to attract the wider world and the big bands should be enough for the international market ...perhaps Cecil has a point about the packaging of the small and medium


Salah, no perhaps here, package the small and medium bands along with the PHI, e-pan and every other electronic invention that have anything to do with pan and have it one week before large bands final.


In my opinion, organizers should always be looking at ways to improve their events. What I suggest is that maybe, due to time issues, the small and medium bands can have their finals on the night before the big bands have their finals. Maybe, ten minutes is too long a song, but I think its the wait between bands that can make some "pan lovers" impatient.

Regardless, the organizers have to effectively market their events, and guessing, groping in darkness, and throwing anything at the wall to see what sticks, are not sensible marketing practices. And, we all know the advertising of steelband events are either absent or inadequate. Of course, it takes lots of money to hold an event such as Panorama, and we can all coach from the sidelines, but we still have to give credit to every organizer who ever held Panorama. I do not agree with some of the practices of this current Pan Trinbago administration, but running such a huge event is no easy undertaking, by any measure.

Panorama, or any steelband event, will have its "niche" market. It is ridiculous to assume that steelband and pan music should be marketed to the entire population of consumers. There must also be a certain quality standard; where the event becomes attractive to those outside the "niche". Professionalism is also key, and tardiness is an issue that organizers MUST address. I reject the "Trini time" mindset. Panorama needs to be run more efficiently; maybe we need to revisit designs in infrastructure and technology, for example,a conveyor-belt type stage system, that could have bands set up on stage faster. 

We must also address sound quality issues, and that is why steelbands need their own amphitheater. This should be built using cutting-edge technology, and be acoustically and ergonomically designed for steelbands. It can have a retractable roof, and a band pit, so you can close the roof and have steel orchestra concerts, or open the roof at for steelband events like Panorama, which are more geared for jumping up and dancing. The chairs can also be retractable into the floor, so the space can be used for parties and fetes, or with the chairs for concerts, plays, etc.

Of course, this will take millions of dollars, but building such a structure, will also provide jobs for panmen and panwomen, not just in its construction, but in its use and running. It can be rented out, just like the Miami Heat arena, and can have year-round concession stands ran by members of the steelband's association. Every "man Jack" (and woman Jane), from captain to cook, would be steelband association members. And I think that it should be built close to the capital, Port of Spain.

Our engineers should be coming up with new sound amplification and recording techniques, and wireless technologies, should be integrated. Steelpan racks could be redesigned to maximize the acoustic output, while manipulating frequencies, by using dampers, for example. Anyway, I agree that the format always needs a good "looking at", but unless the corporate culture and mindset changes, then it will not matter to the ordinary panman and panwoman, how many changes are made to the format.

Ghost. Same philosophy; different attitude.


Having steelband shows back to back is not wise, what you are suggesting is another ball game which will need visionaries [did not say New Visionaries]

Sometimes We make Changes in Life some are for better some are for worse. Incorporating Medium Bands with the Large Bands was not a good Idea, but Pantrinbago and Others wont accept that fact. On another DAY or another Venue, have the Medium and Small Band Finals competitions. Makers Sense!.

Val this was done in 2009.  The results were disastrous for the small and medium bands. The small and medium finals was held on one day and the large bands were by themselves. The audience was not there to see the small and medium bands.


Well Said Salah. Good Idea.

Al My Bro. When we speaking of Panorama Arrangers No none ever mentions Liam Teaque. As I said before He is a Great Pannist but a Mediocre Arranger.  Check His Track Record in Panorama if You don't believe Me.

Anybody who attend Panorama Final for the last 6 years would notice that the realty is after 1:00am the bands that come on stage gets a raw deal - 80% of the patrons leave the Grand Stand after about 1:00am.


What you are telling us here is that the bands that appear early stand a better chance of winning because they can draw off the energy of a capacity crowd.

Well this is a true discussion, with everyone making very good points.

I have 2 main problems with Panorama.

1      The time between the semis and the finals is too long. Not all people from abroad (outside of Trinidad) can have more than 2 weeks holiday. But I can live with that. This year I'm making an effort to get there for the semis.so by carnival Saturday I'll be back in England. Don't cry!

2      the playing time is far too long for some arrangements and too short for others.

My change would be this, Small bands and Single pan bands final Carnival Friday. Medium bands on the Saturday and Large bands Carnival Sunday - Dimarche Gras. 12 bands in each category. That should give Invaders and Starlift a chance to be in the finals.

Quite frankly there will always be those who prefer Soca Monarch, They don't count. Carnival for me has always been Steelband and mas. I'm a traditionalist. Apart from tuning and tonal qualities of todays instruments, nothing much has moved on. As far as pan songs are concerned the majority are recorded by people who can't sing and they're all the same infantile lyrics. Musically they're childish. Arrangers are therefore forced to overcompensate for the lack of musical substance in the composition. So I can understand the idea of 2 tunes per band. But the competition starts too late for that.

Some years ago I suggested that each band would use the same instruments to speed things up, but I can see why that would not be feasible.The instrument is still developing and is far from being standard. in layout and design.

I don't suppose anyone will agree with me but you can't have everything.

As for this year? I'm hoping Semis is not as wet as 1965. Ha Ha!

That's the beauty of Pan



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