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Pan Trinbago should look into a Panorama Final format where the steel orchestra, that places first in the semi- final automatically play in position number FIVE on FINALS night. Using the format where positions one , two, and three in the semi finals play in position FIVE, FOUR and SIX. The other participants will draw for the remainding positions. This would alleviate the band that places first in the semi final plays first on PANORAMA FINAL NIGHT.....  Please Discuss

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Instead of positions five,four and six,why not positions ten,nine and eight?
Or if there eleven bands maybe positions eleven,ten and nine?
Or maybe even leave it to the 3 top semi-finalists to face the luck of the draw?
Too much tinkering. You will give more advantage to the strong. Let the luck of the draw be that--the luck of the draw. Pan Trinbago has more pressing issues, I think.

Much ado about nothing...

merrytonestothebone: When dem FOWL playing in dey PANORAMA and then discussing how the judges teef and who the best musician in the world is and then telling KEITH DIAZ how to run PAN TRINBAGO -- ah CALYPSO COCKROACH like me should really take your advice and stay out ah FOWL BUSINESS.

For true!!! For True!!!

Rolanddiaz, are you related to Keith? just kidding. I believe the way it is is the best. what better proof you want, the band that played first came second and the band the played second to last came first. Once you are in the finals you should be able to play anywhere and win.

I feel that the draw adds an element of unpredictability that creates more excitement for the event, and gives the bands more of a challenge depending on what spot they draw. I believe the problem with the formatting is the days and times in which bands perform at. By the time the large bands started to perform at finals, it was already 10:00 pm or later. It was even later at night for semi-finals. The last bands don't even get to play for an audience by the time the get off the drag because everyone has gone home for bed. I'd say small bands perform on Thursday, as usual, then medium bands perform Friday, and then Saturday you have the large bands at the Savannah. That way, nobody is staying up until 2:00 am to see their favorite band, and the bands don't have to be up even later waiting for the results.


Agree with you 100%

David...what you say makes complete sense!!!!
Therefore they will never do it. The powers that be don't have a single logical thought between them.
I feel that instead of the debacle that was Dimanche Gras....put the big bands on Carnival Sunday night and then let the bands go directly out onto the road for Jour'vert.


I would  suggest replacing the random draw for playing position in the Finals, with a rule that allows the Finals draw for playing position to be a matter of choice from among available positions, such choice to be offered in order of placement at the Semi-Finals.

That is, the winner of the Semis chooses whatever playing position it likes for the Finals. The second placed band at the Semis chooses whatever playing position it likes, from among those left available. And on down the line.

It's a seeding system in effect, with the first seed being the winner at Semi-finals.

Under such a system we would expect the last qualifying band at the semis will likely be left with playing position no. 1. My guess would be that the first seed would choose either the last or penultimate playing position. A little gamesmanship would enter into the choice, obviously. The last position could well be seen as the power position that closes out the show. But it may also be seen as a graveyard position for any band that is lowly seeded and not favoured to win.

Whatever the calculation, the winner at the semis should have the privilege of making the choice.

Seeding ties may be broken by simple coin toss, or draw from a hat for ties involving more than two bands.

-Big Sid

You should consult with the band leaders, the judges, as designated and other gurus in this field .

Is there no one to fill Pat's shoes ?

This is why the panorama is so messed up. The tinkering has killed the pan format. It is obvious Desperadoes didn’t come prepared to defend their crown and lost. All Stars played Showtime and won with a performance fitting that of a show opener. No such luck for Despers on Saturday 26th February. If you are a professional band, you should play from any position and win. End of story.

Point well taken


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