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Congratulation to Ebony Steel Orchestra on your UK Panorama 2010 championship

Ebony wins UK's 2010 national panorama. 

When Steel Talks extends congratulations to members of Ebony.

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Yes! As I expected, Ebony, winners for the 19th time! Congratulation guys! Looking forward to a whopping "20"in 2011.
Congratulations to you, Ebony Steel Orchestra on your "99" panorama victory in london; just kidding folks it is really #19
Congratulations and blessings for your 19th win. Keep the good work up and the flag flying
It's a win, win situation...... congratulations Ebony ....and thank you Pepe for keeping it all together !

More Congratulations, Ebony! Jacqui Sealey
Keep them going like only you can, right! Jacqui Sealey
Congatulations to Pepe and Ebony on yet another victoryPepe Francis, steelband administrator par excellance

Owen Serrette
Solo Harmonites
Manager, Operations
Congrats to Ebony and another great victory...an unprecedented 19 victories .....great stuff...great band.
Albert Faustine, we hope to have your band join us in Montreal in 2011
Regards to all
Great, Pepe, Great!!!
Congulations to the Ebony Steel Orchestra on winning the 2010 London Panorama Championship. Great job Mr. Pepe Francis and the members of the band.
Congratulation to to the Management and Members of Ebony on wining the 2010 UK Panorama. Looking forward to a posting of you Panorama tune on When Steel Talks
Congratulation firstly to Samuel Dubios. To Pepe and the rest of the band Albert, Karlene and others, great job.


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