Congrats to 2012 Antigua/Barbuda Panorama champs Hell's Gate Steel Orchestra and arranger Khan Cordice!

  • 2nd:  Halcyon Steel Orchestra


  • 3rd: Harmonites Steel Orchestra

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  • the band from down in the mud (HALCYON)  for ever. Big up Blakie, Babu and all they boys in Grace Farm  ciao paddy corea

  • Congrats to Khan, TJ and Hells Gate... so far every panorama has seen the 2011 winners repeat this year... down to school panorama in Trinidad... St Vincy... St Lucia... now Antigua.

  • Congrats to Hell's Gate, 2012 Panorama Champs!! This is another important triumph in a long history of achievements.

  • Congratulations. Hell Gates.
  • Thanks
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